Wednesday, November 28, 2007

CBS SL News Video - New Life in CyberSpace

Visit the above link to watch a great video on how SL has changed disabled adults lifes.

" New Life In Cyberspace Tracy Smith visits a woman with multiple sclerosis and a group of disabled adults who have created new lives in the online virtual world called Second Life."


The Second Life Cable Network

The Second Life Cable Network has arrived. To view SL shows got to for your daily listing of shows and times. :-) Hum, I wonder if there is be a SLED Cable Network? Sure knows the talent is out there for one.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The EduBLog - Best Use of Virtual World 2007

Use the above link to cast your vote for this one. :-) It is not an easy decision.


Dembe :-)

Update from Dembe


I have been working on a lot of technology projects and quiet for about a month on this blog, but am currently compiling information and resources to post regarding SL.

For research and SL site information and those of you whom can not wait for the post, please visit my delicious account: It has almost all my SL weblinks.

Many of you have been trying to contact Dembe in-world, she has been using her alt the past month to get her work done. Those of you that know her alt are welcome to contact me that way for the next month.

Regarding posting comments on this blog, this is the best way to reach her. It is a moderated blog. Nothing posts automatically. I do this because I will not post anything against another persons blog or information or research I list as a resource. I also do not delete it, but I never post it out of respect for others work. So, if you wish to reach me, then you must post in the comments and give a way for me to get back to you. I had a hotmail account set up especially for Dembe, it is maxed out with messages in a couple of months and it was deleted by hotmail months ago.

In addition, since this is a blog - definition a web log. This is my notes and log for educational benefits of SL. Other educators are free to use it as a resource or as they wish. The same goes for my Wiki and other democratic resources. If it was copyrighted, I would post it on a website that I own and copyright it, not place it on a blog or a wiki. My work is reporting of locations and information about educational uses for SL to get it out in a quick way to mass amounts of people, especially those that I work with in the k-24 population. You have my permission to reprint anything of the information I post and find on the internet regards to SL resources. There is no reason to contact me for permission. However, if it is explicit information about another site, you need to contact those site individuals. Dembe is in SL for educational possibilities for educators, professional development and learning. However, not all educators are in SL for no money benefit. Some people view it as a way to make money, which seems to contradict education. Therefore, check with them for permission if you use their materials explicitly and in detail when you can determine who is the original author. Which is not always easy.

Finally, since this is a blog and my notes, I do not cite in APA, nor am I required to since it is a web log or journal for SL of mine. I follow the guidelines and requests set by the SLED Educators Network and Second Life Rules. I will not post real names or SL names of any projects, websites, blogs or wikis on my Puritans Guide Blog (PG-SL). The only reference will be to web pages as a reference to respect other educators hard work and also to respect the wishes expresed by SLED and Linden Labs. The only exception I make is for educators in SL I personally know in RL, have worked with and can prove who they are and have their explicit permission regarding who they are and to post their names. I hope you all respect this and understand this. It is not to share who you are, but to protect identity over the vulnerable internet. If you choose to share who you are over your internet site, then they can find out who you are from your site through my link. Please be assured Dembe will always give credit by posting for information obtained, websites of great locations for educational uses, as well as highlight these websites monthly on the blog, but only through posting a weblink to the resource - no real or SL names.

Regards till my next post,

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Dembe is an international educator that is a member of ISTE and EDUPODCASTING. SHe has created this blog for research and development as well as to document and make SL easier for other educators. Below, please check out the Educator's Survival Pack. It is designed to help new educators entering SL and Teen SL to Teach.

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