Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Avatar Statistics from

Wow, what a find. Now my avatar can wear a watch now in SL. I do not even wear one in RL. LOL This watch is FREE from the SLBuzz store and will track certain statistics in SL such as time spent in SL. "SL Stats is completely passive, and, much like the rest of SLBuzz, neatly integrated into Second Life. If you want to partake in this venture, go to the SLBuzz Store and grab one of the watches (they're FREE!). Then simply wear it. It will analyze your stats and create a customized profile for yourself. The watch is modifiable, too, so you can even put the script into your own creations."

SL gets better and better each day.


Website for Kids: Webkinz and The Merbs

Okay, Second life definately is not for kids. But we know they want into SL. Teen Second Life is better for the adolescent, but are they ready for Second Life? Are there social networking skills up to speed? Do they have the Internet literacy and safety skills?

Well leave it to a few entreprenuers to figure out a way to get kids socially ready for this at the elementary age. Regardless if kids are ready, these types of sites are beginning to emerge and a new generation of teaching/learning/gaming is emerging. Take a look at and and Both are exemplary for school age kids/

At take the tour by clicking the Tour button on the buttom left of the screen.

At Precision Math (, "The Spoils of Civilization was created as a supplement to many mathematics curriculum's. The supplement was specifically designed to illustrate applications of math topics that are usually covered in secondary mathematics classes. The Spoils of Civilization provides a classroom teacher with a constant reference point to make math topics relevant to life. The game was also created in such a fashion that is produces a wide variety of data that allows students to generate statistics for mathematical and economic analysis.

The structure revolves around the population of the Merbs. The Merbs build an economy through the production and trading of resources. The algorithm behind the game provides a realistic representation of how an economy grows and changes. The students can play the game as a separate exercise or can utilize classroom activities to earn more currency in the game. Once game rules are understood, the game can be played in a single class period or over the course of an entire year!"

There are many other programs such as there that are beginning to appear daily on the Internet. The above are definately worth a look at by any level educator.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meeting some Builders in SL

Many of us have heard of the Electronic Sheep Company or, but I have had the opportunity to meet a few builders in SL and look at their designs as well in SL. These individuals are just a sampling of the many talented people building and creating in the virtual world of SL.

First is Firefly Bates, who is very talented and very sweet. Firefly took Dembe on a tour of her creations for Dembe's Blog.

Above you see Dembe and Firefly on the third floor of her Ice Castle. To me, it reminded me of the Ice Hotel. ( or This ice castle is also complete with a few fireplaces.

In the above picture you see Firefly showing Dembe one of the Bedrooms in the Ice Castle.
Front view of the beach house. The next house we went on tour to.

Here we look at the property from the back. Again, this property is a beach house in a Snow Village. It is currently for rent at a low $400 Lindens a week. Renters can rent it and place up to 250 Prims (Max) of items in this house.

It comes complete with a virtual hot tub bar for all seasons.

This is the first floor of the beach house. You see Firefly looking at some family photos in the background.
This beach house has three floors. From this view we are on the second floor, which over looks the main entrance and living room. The blinds on the windows open and close.

This is the third floor of the beach house. On the ceiling are two sets of blinds that open and close as well.

Firefly currently has a new home not far from here. It is just walking distance up the mountain. Above you see her new entrance lounging area.

These windows Firefly created as a privacy panel for her bathroom and as a changing area in her home. They are very pretty. To enter the room, your avatar can just walk through the glass to get in and out.

Of course, the new home has to have the same amenities as the previous. Therefore, this house is also equipt with a hot tub as you can see above.

She also wanted a larger house to have room for all her virtual pets. She currently has three animated dogs. Above you can see Fireball and Snowball running around the floor. The older dog does tricks such as lay, sit, beg, etc. She also has two birds.

And how could I forget the horse. lol

Before we move on to the next builder, I will show you her new bedroom, which you can see above, complete with dog bed.

KM and Dembe where on an adventure and came along this interesting space station, which has wonderful animations and spaceships. The designers seen above, are both from Spain.

This was the inside of the space station. It converts into a galaxy simulator, which you can view space, the planets and the galaxies. Very interesting and very cool simulation.

This is the spaceship port. With the click of a button, it instantly converts to open air for crafts to take off and land.

KM even got to fly the Millennium Falcon replica.

KM and I met both of these individual in our journeys over the past month in SL.

Regards till my next blog,

Fun Things in SL

Just as in RL the weekends in SL I have reserved for some fun adventures. Here are some things that can be done in SL that are fun and free.

I actually attended the Second Life Ballet. It was rather good. I am providing information from the Second Life Ballet Note card below. The Second Life Ballet's Director is Inarra Saarinen.
I highly recommend looking at it in SL, and going early if you plan on attending this event because of high teleport volume:

Group = Second Life Ballet

Second Life Ballet produces professional works that creatively utilize the Second Life environment; we produce neo-classical, contemporary, and eclectic ballets for and with the residents of Second Life.

Roles are available for dancers, designers, composers, animators, supporters, and audience members. All welcome!

Our debut ballet was the premiere of "Olmannen", an original 3-act story ballet written, choreographed, and directed by Inarra Saarinen with original music by Alazarin Mondrian, and danced by Amber Shablin, Alina Mikadze, Chryssie Bunnyhug, and Amelie Dibou. The ballet plays Wednesdays and Sundays at 4:00pm SLT through February at the Second Life Ballet theatre (Quat 45, 19, 108).

There are currently 105 members in Second Life Ballet. To join, see the group "Second Life Ballet"; there is no cost to join.

We audition dancers for each ballet. We are looking for commitment first and foremost -- you MUST be able to attend 99% of all rehearsals and 100% of all performances. If you cannot, even if it because of RL commitments, please do not audition or accept a role. Sorry, but we all need to be fair to the other dancers. To give you an idea of the amount of time required, we rehearsed from November through February twice a week for 2 hours each rehearsal for our debut ballet. Out of 32 rehearsals plus private coaching, each dancer only missed one rehearsal.

For reviews and notices of "Olmannen" see:

1. Second Life Herald review
"Olmannen Premiere Performance"

2. AvaStar's "Event of the Week"
Issue #7, p.32

3. AvaStar review
"Ballerinas Wow Crowd" p.16

4. New World Notes "Rik's Pick of the Week"
February 4, 2007 "Olmannen" premiere

5. New World Notes events listing
"Second Life Ballet to Present 'Olmannen'"

6. Second Life Insider story
"Second Life Ballet Performs 'Olmannen'"

7. GNC review on Youtube

8. Flickr Photos by Pathfinder Linden

9. Great Dance Weblog
"Stealth Ballet Company in Second Life"

10. NMC Observer
"Stealth Ballet Company" under #2 Comments

11. Short video by Osprey Therian
"Olmannen" premiere on February 4, 2007

12. FOX News
February 8, 2007 at 12:50pm EST

Enjoying a sunset on one of the many beaches in SL when RL does not offer this tranquility.

Sitting and talking with friends at many of the floating ice skating rings.

or just simply ice-skating with SL friends. Many of these locations provide free skates, in the choice of your colors as well. lol

Windsurfing on the virtual ocean.

Wind surf with friends (KM).

Snowboarding in Valle with friends (Victoria and KM).

Go horseback riding with a friend (here is Firefly and Dembe).

Go Sky Podding. Do not forget to pack a parachute for your avatar. These can go as high as 4000 meters.

Take a hot bath, yes this avatar has its clothing on. It is a PG blog. Seriously, the animation was fantastic on this. This was Firefly's creation.

Blow bubbles with friends (KM).

Experiment with new looks on your avatar.

Get dressed up and go to events, such as the Oscar Ball in Virtual Hollywood.

Hang out with friends and watch a sailing race. In this picture is Milamber and Victoria, both are RL friends. Just as in real life, some friends just can't seem to stay awake during the conversation. lol

Go hang gliding off of many locations in SL.

It is even funner when you go gliding with friends like KM.

Do some yoga with a friend (Victoria) at her floating house. Or, go the the Support for Healing Island to do some Yoga and/or meditation exercises.

Look for land and meet some interesting Avatars on the journey. I am still landless in SL. Beginning to wonder if I want the land headache - but this is another blog.

Explore some of your favorite movies, such as Stargate. At the Stargate Store, you can even get a uniform for your journey.

Volunteer for organizations such as ISTE or attend trainings or classes. (It seems a lot of these happen on the weekends.)

Visit famous landmarks such as the Seattle Space Needle, when real life and resl life finances do not allow such trips.

Get together with colleagues to discuss work and socialize outside the office.

Go sailing with friends. Above is Victoria and Dembe in Victoria's new boat.

Go shopping with a friend. This is Fireflies Native American avatar.

Attend a conference, the one above is in Dublin and was on a Tuesday, but they do take place over the weekend as well. Dublin was a very nice area in SL. It is worth checking out on SL. Again, this is a subject for a blog entry all its own.

Relax in a hot tub with friends. Above, Dembe is with KM and Victoria.

Get a pet avatar and teach it tricks. Above is Firefly's pet dog. This dog does many tricks. I was very impressed with the animation and is ability to follow commands give.

As you can see, I have a pet penguin, but it does not do tricks. It just follows me around SL like a shadow. I have to say, the penguin does not even follow well. When I teleport he frequently gets lost and them IM's me to come and get him. Figures, of all people I would be the one to get the virtual needy pet.

This is just a sampling of what can be done in SL and what Dembe has taken part in in the last month. I do not spend a great deal of time in SL and am currently not a premium (paying) member of SL. (However, I am considering it.) Most of the activities above where free or the cost was minimal - $1 Linden. Remember, I pick my Lindens off a money tree. For entertainment, SL has many things to offer. Many which I have not even began to explore yet.

Regards until my next blog,

Dembe at the OSCARS and Playing Video

Yes, it is true, my avatar in Second Life officially has a better social life than me. lol Seriously, Dembe is a member of HAM in SL. HAM stands for the Hollywood Academy of Movies. Member in SL get advanced notice of all cinema related events such as the OSCARS and Hall of Fame Movie Inductees.

Interestingly, members of HAM can have a cutout of their avatars placed in the gathering area in front of Grauman's Chinese Theater by contacting Nber Medici for more information on how to do this.

In addition, HAM members will vote in a special OSCARS poll and compare their SL choices with the RL winners. (I did not vote this year.)

Individuals can join HAM by clicking on Find/Groups, do a search on Hollywood, click on the group Hollywood Academy of Movies and click join. There is no cost for belonging to this group.

Okay the OSCARS, well Dembe did not have a lot of RL time, so she attended the preshow and Ball briefly. Yes, the OSCAR Ball in SL offered video. To play a movie in second life:

1) Make sure that you have the latest version of Quicktime installed on your computer.

2) Go to Edit (top menu bar), then Preferences, then Audio & Video, and make sure that there is a check mark in the box labelled: Play Streaming Video When Available. NOTE: do CTRL P to go straight to Preferences menu from your screen.

3) Once you have clicked this and said APPLY (see bottom right) then you will see a MOVIES control panel at the bottom. If there is no movie currently loaded to view, then you will not see a Movie Control button and the bottom.

4) As soon as the movie is loaded it will begin playing.

There is no Linden charge for playing or watching streaming video. However, there is a 10L charge for uploading animation, video, image, sound or bulk upload each.


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