Thursday, March 15, 2007

Second Life Inworld Publications

Updated March 20, 2007

Second Life Inworld Publications
are becoming very popular. Dembe is seeing more and more over the past few weeks on her adventures and searches for educational items and uses for SL. Below is a list of some of the major publications for SL:

The SLED Picayune - Educational Topics in SL - To contribute a news item, event, article or classified ad, or to get a kiosk placed at your location, email:
SL-Newspaper - Pick up a copy at right outside of the GWU SL Pioneers Building.
Meteverse Messenger -
The Second Life Herald -
Avastar -
Teleport Report -
Second Style -
In the Grid -
Second Life Library 2.0 -
Girls Night Out with iVillage -
SLATE (SL Arts and Entertainment) -
Wired Travel Guide for Second Life -
The Official Linden Publication -

These are a few of the publications that Dembe has come across in SL. Dembe is interested in finding out if anyone has started an Education SL paper or newsletter to update the educational community on happenings and events that have occurred and will occur in SL. If not, it would be a great way to network and get out the educational benefits of SL. Great journalism project for a SL class.

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