Saturday, June 30, 2007

Looking for Something Different?

Are you looking for something different for your home in SL? Like a bar that creates snow, doors in the shape of trees, murals for your walls? Well, have I got the store for you to check out. Check out Firefly Designs located in Sled. It is in a mature region and some of her items are mature, but this is definately a shop worth checking out. She is a talented and creative designer in SL.

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29L Dresses!!!

A must share - I came across this designer that offers 29L Flex dresses and gowns. A definate SL bargain. :-) It is located in the Ultimate Mall located at Area3/98/90/21. There is a large selection of dresses and gowns and even two bridal gowns for the June SL bride.

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Must See SL Planetarium

While shopping for a gown for the July Elven Educational Ball, I came across this great planetaruim located at Area3/102/48/21. It is a realistic Planetarium showing the orbits and tilts of the planets in our solar system. It is a must see in SL

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Looking for Educational Funding?

It is that time of year again. Are you looking for educational funding? Maybe even for SL? Check out these great funding sources from Edutopia.

Other great resources:

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Pathfinder Linden Shares a Great Article on SL with SLED!

Yes, Pathfinder shared a great article on science and SL.

Published in the American Chemical Society's "Chemical and Engineering News"weekly magazine.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

No Time To Read Your Favorite Blogs?

So, it is the summer and you do not have as much time to spend on the computer to read your favorite blogs?

Get Talkr - Talkr converts text-only blogs into iPods. This makes it possible to listen to your favorite blogs when you do not have time to read them.

"Talkr provides a service that allows you to listen to your favorite text-only news sources rather than read them. If you can point us to an RSS or Atom feed (a machine-readable version of your favorite blog or news source) we will convert that feed from text to speech.

Talkr can also provide you with a podcast of your favorite news sources. This means that you can plug your MP3 player into your home computer once a day and Talkr will provide you with hours of audio content with no additional work on your part. Talkr will keep tabs on your feeds and send audio to your computer as those audio files become available."

The best part! - Talkr is now completely free!

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Historic NYS Educators in SL Meeting

Geck Webb aka Jeremiah Frink from Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES AccelerateU coordinated this meeting of NYS educators to get together to discuss options and collaborative projects to take place in SL and Teen SL.

The event was held at 8AM SLT on Friday, June 22, 2007 on Molesworth in SL. They used the NYSEiSL group educational space owned by Victoria Gloucester.

Educator SL avatars in attendance where:

Geck Webb, Annette Philbin, Alistar Ames, Gatortip Sinatra, Ivy Innis, Annette Philbin, Tooka Mulligan, Maqabee Mulberry, Victoria Bury, Rayven Broome, Cij Oh, Esteban Bates, Robespierre Jewell, SLJ Beck, Maggie Marat, RealityChuck Writer, Indiana Straaf.

The group of educators decided on three major areas of focus for NY Educators in SL:

  1. Schedule more regular meetings for NYSEiSL. Geck Webb will be setting this up and then hand off to others.
  2. Post educationally related projects on the SL educator wiki with the note of NYSEiSL so we can collaborate and connect inworld with our students.
  3. Write a white paper (Coordinated by Dembe Wellman) about SL, Educational Uses, Projects done with teens and financing. People interested in being involved in writing this paper are Dembe Wellman, Geck Webb, Ivy Innis, Tooka Mulligan. Dembe will be contacting them in world for their RL email address to collaborate. Dembe is starting this document on Zoho Writer.
I also created a NYSEiSL Blog for us to post meeting notes, projects and messages on as well. It is located at -

Live Chat Notes:

[8:09] Close Range: Gatortip Sinatra [30m], Tooka Mulligan [30m], Indiana Straaf [31m], Rayven Broome [31m], Victoria Bury [31m], Annette Philbin [32m], Robespierre Jewell [33m], Geck Webb [33m], RealityChuck Writer [35m], Maqabee Mulberry [35m], Esteban Bates [36m], Cij Oh [36m], SLJ Beck [36m], Maggie Marat [36m]
[8:09] Dembe: Hello
[[8:10] Maggie Marat: they have explained to me that they can only accept checks or PO's from districts who are not part of region - no personal checks
[8:10] Dembe: Hello all
[8:10] Rayven Broome: So what is the best order for collaborative projects. Concept to money or money to concept
[8:10] Gatortip Sinatra: Hmmmm...I have failed on three formal attempts to buy an island for our BOCES
[8:10] Victoria Bury: Hi Dembe :-0
[8:10] Gatortip Sinatra: I cannot get responses from Linden Labs
[8:10] Victoria Bury: :-)
[8:11] Chat Range: Magelily Yalin [4m]
[8:11] Tooka Mulligan: Welcome Dembe
[8:11] Maggie Marat: but I am blocking off most of the summer to visit districts, and present and conduct workshops regardless of which stage you are in - proposal development OR island creation OR teacher training etc
[8:11] Maggie Marat: there I am done
[8:11] Maggie Marat: LOL
[8:11] Dembe: Nobody can
[8:11] Geck Webb: Linden labs is overwhelmed and we have struggled as well.
[8:11] Dembe: however Claudia Linden is good at responding on SLED
[8:11] Gatortip Sinatra: I think the RICS ought to pitch in and buy a large island for us all to R & D
[8:11] Rayven Broome: R&D is the issue!
[8:12] Rayven Broome: DS's want instant results
[8:12] Geck Webb: At AccelerateU we have a couple of islands that we would be willing to work with people on collaboratively developing
[8:12] Maggie Marat: A suggestion - use the Land Store option and put in your tax ID number
[8:12] Geck Webb: I also know that a couple of other places (Globalkids is leading this) are looking to create an educator region
[8:12] Gatortip Sinatra: All right three cheers for Accelerate U!!!!
[8:12] Rayven Broome: what will that do?
[8:12] Maggie Marat: LL will then generate a quote for you to get a PO
[8:12] Dembe: Nice
[8:12] Dembe: Global Kids if great and do wonderful things
[8:13] Geck Webb: So the movement is out there....I think in NY it might make sense to coordinate some
[8:13] Rayven Broome: Is the Accelerate U island secure?
[8:13] Maggie Marat: FireSabre Consulting is partnering with that project
[8:13] Maggie Marat: great team
[8:13] Geck Webb: this point it is a closed island
[8:13] Dembe: agreed
[8:13] Geck Webb: However, as Maggie will tell you that has some issues that you want to watch out for
[8:13] Maggie Marat: it is really a trade off
[8:14] Rayven Broome: Just like email did all those years ago! I don't worry to much about security at this point.
[8:14] Gatortip Sinatra: I believe Kansas has an island shared by K-20 educators for R & D purposes
[8:14] Maggie Marat: if you want to absolutely guarantee your students' safety - then the closed private estate is the way to go
[8:14] Maggie Marat: however
[8:14] Rayven Broome: there was a movement in the Mid Hudson area to purchase islands as well.
[8:14] Maggie Marat: then you lose out on the cultural exchange potential of the teen grid :-(
[8:15] Rayven Broome: can you elaborate please
[8:15] Maggie Marat: and eventually - when all these regions get it together - we should push for shared security protocols so that we can at least open to each other
[8:15] Dembe: Ohh that would be so great
[8:15] Dembe: I think the DS would like that as well
[8:15] Geck Webb: I went to an office hours with Claudia linden last week to talk about these issues
[8:16] Rayven Broome: You are so far ahead of the game Maggie.
[8:16] Geck Webb: She was open to listen but realistic in when the changes will take place
[8:16] Maggie Marat: Rayven - are you clear on the difference between open and closed on the Teen Grid?
[8:16] Rayven Broome: yes thank you
[8:16] Geck Webb: Claudia Linden is linden labs -educator contact
[8:16] Dembe: yes
[8:16] Maggie Marat: Yay Claudia! Whoot!
[8:16] Maggie Marat: she has been so great !
[8:16] Dembe: Agreed
[8:17] Dembe: She gets back very quickly and monitors SLED
[8:17] Maggie Marat: but is incredibly busy now because of all the new interest
[8:17] Dembe: understandable
[8:17] Geck Webb: Claudia does well once you connect with her....cold emails don't do great
[8:17] Geck Webb: She is wonderful to work with
[8:17] Chat Range: SLJ Beck [5m]
[8:18] Maggie Marat: very organized and very Who is going to be at NECC?
[8:18] RealityChuck Writer: I'm new to the group and wonder if people go introduce themselves and what institution they are from?
[8:18] Maggie Marat: can we set up a Real Life meeting?
[8:18] Dembe: Some people arrived there today and could not be here
[8:18] Rayven Broome: Sure I would like to be a part of that
[8:18] Dembe: I am open to that
[8:18] Maggie Marat: KK
[8:18] Rayven Broome: I am not at NECC may VC in on Tuesday night for SIG meeting
[8:19] juliani Ling is Online
[8:19] Maggie Marat: my presentation is Tuesday and I hope to see you all there
[8:19] Dembe: Great!
[8:19] Rayven Broome: Is it viewable from home or office?
[8:19] Tooka Mulligan: Brian C. Smith, Instructional Technology Specialist, Monroe #1 BOCES, Model Schools Program Secretary
[8:19] Maggie Marat: then we can plan a time and place to meet?
[8:19] Maqabee Mulberry: With ACCELERATE we have bought 4 islands on TG--with the thought of adding partners who are doing R?D or pilots etc.--we would like to collaborate, share costs--ideas- progress-- etc.-- it also can alleviate and avoid the logjam of Linden in buying
[8:19] Ivy Innis: I can't make it this year - are they podcasting again?
[8:20] Tooka Mulligan: I'm looking forward to your presentation Tuesday Maggie
[8:20] Dembe: Maggie are you going to put it on Teacher Tube
[8:20] Dembe: are you being recorded
[8:20] Maggie Marat: I have so much to share they're probably going to have to get the hook out to get me to shut up LOL
[8:20] Tooka Mulligan: LOL
[8:20] Gatortip Sinatra: I like Accelerate U offers and Monroe #1 would be interested in participating....
[8:20] Maggie Marat: Dembe- do you want to handle that
[8:20] Maggie Marat: I can bring the camera LOL
[8:21] Maggie Marat: Accelerate U is a class act (no pun intended) I have participate in some of their workshops with Giselle - good stuff
[8:22] Rayven Broome: We have always been pleased with them also.
[8:22] Rayven Broome: Cij Oh do you need some help?
[8:22] Gatortip Sinatra: Where on the "map" is their island?
[8:22] Geck Webb: quick go around...just throw out there projects that you are interested students on TG for Spanish or PD or....
[8:22] Cij Oh: No I'm pouting
[8:23] Rayven Broome: OK
[8:23] Geck Webb: Things you could dream of or wish for
[8:23] Maggie Marat: I am focusing on science and ESL this year
[8:23] Geck Webb: This will help people to connect with other like minded
[8:23] Maggie Marat: the math curriculum writes itself LOL
[8:23] Rayven Broome: I want to focus on Staff development uses my first year or two
[8:23] Dembe: FYI - I will be posting this historic event on my blog for those interested and who was here
[8:24] Maggie Marat: you have my OK to post chat everyone else ok with it?
[8:24] Tooka Mulligan: much appreciated Dembe
[8:25] Esteban Bates: Maggie, I would be very interested in the science and tie to our science program at BOces1
[8:25] Maggie Marat: or easier to ask if anyone objects?
[8:25] Maggie Marat: great!
[8:26] Maggie Marat: through this kind of collaboration I am hoping to "ease" us into extending our borders
[8:27] Dembe: So where are we going to go from here?
[8:27] Rayven Broome: I have a technical question can I print our chat history?
[8:27] Dembe: Should we meet regularly to discuss NYS SL projects
[8:27] Esteban Bates: Maggie, our challenger center might be helpful in extending boarders we serve districts from buffalo to Syracuse to Corning. I am also in communication with the national challengers around the country.
[8:27] Dembe: it can be recorded
[8:27] Dembe: so can this session
[8:27] Geck Webb: Good question about where to go from here
[8:28] Rayven Broome: Yes, maybe we could add this as a component to the NYSDL Consortium meeting as well as Model School state meetings
[8:28] Dembe: I am not recording the session, but taking notes to post on blog and who was here
[8:28] Geck Webb: it sounds like we have 3 major projects that are in place----Ramapo...LHRIC and Accelerate U (did I forget anyone...or someone want to mention one now?)
[8:28] Maqabee Mulberry: there are as we know huge "readiness issues" for folks who control the $, and concerns for the PR (bad) exposures that are possible in SL-- Traveling as a group, organizing, planning together will begin to break down some of that
[8:28] Dembe: I will post an attendance for us to make contacts later
[8:28] Ivy Innis: thanks Dembe
[8:28] Maggie Marat: do tell more about Challenger Center!
[8:29] Tooka Mulligan: Yes that would be very helpful Dembe
[8:29] Dembe: Yes you can print the chat history
[8:29] Dembe: open the history tab
[8:29] Dembe: then cut and paste into word doc and print
[8:29] Dembe: just did it and it works fine
[8:29] Dembe: however there are HUD that will allow you to just record the chat history to a blog
[8:30] Geck Webb: perhaps first step is around creating a 'white paper' on SL's use...I know some have done this but working together may provide resources and beginning ocnversations around use and implementations.
[8:30] Maggie Marat: not on mac tho - SL copy and paste doesn't play nice with Word on mac - put it into an email instead
[8:30] Dembe: good to know I use both in SL
[8:30] Maggie Marat: Global Kids is doing this
[8:30] Esteban Bates: I could go on all day. Basically we do simulated space shuttle missions to mars. WE have rewritten the scenario, however to align directly to the NYS MST standards. Our website is Check out our podcasts Andy and Peter will crack you up. If you'd ever like to see the place let me know.
[8:30] Maggie Marat: and are looking for contributors - teachers lessons etc
[8:31] Victoria Bury: there is also a chat log in the C drive, if you choose to log the chat
[8:31] Maggie Marat: wonderful! TY so much!
[8:31] Esteban Bates: Anytime we love to share what we do there.
[8:32] Rayven Broome: I hate to leave this is my first chat in SL with a collaborative group. I look forward to seeing the notes from the rest of the meeting.
[8:32] Geck Webb: One good connection we have found is Ohio University (vital labs) they have been looking at MUVE's for awhile and have worked well with us to do starting out
[8:32] Victoria Bury: bye Rayven
[8:32] Geck Webb: They are very open to collaboration and understand education....have been great
[8:32] Tooka Mulligan: Thanks Rayven
[8:32] Victoria Bury: see you around soon :-)
[8:33] Maggie Marat: Are you working with Chang Liu?
[8:33] Geck Webb: So some points of action: (suggestions??)
[8:33] Geck Webb: Maggie, yes we are...he has been great
[8:33] Maggie Marat: :-)
[8:33] Maqabee Mulberry is Online
[8:33] Maggie Marat: Just met him - wonderful resource!
[8:34] Gus Plisskin is Onine
[8:34] Geck Webb: First sounds like more regular meetings would be good here....
[8:34] Geck Webb: First sounds like more regular meetings would be good here....
[8:35] Ivy Innis: I'd like to keep meeting, learn more about what everyone is doing.
[8:35] Max Chatnoir is Offline
[8:35] Tooka Mulligan: Did we get to introduce everyone?
[8:35] Dembe: agreed I think monthly
[8:35] Dembe: no
[8:35] Geck Webb: 2nd action: perhaps we post our projects to the educators wiki and make sure to label it with the NYSEiSL note so we can all know it is from here
[8:35] Victoria Bury: monthly meeting is good
[8:35] Dembe: Great idea
[8:35] Tooka Mulligan: Great Idea Geck
[8:36] Dembe: I am wiling to be the recorded for our meetings
[8:36] Tooka Mulligan: can you share the URL for everyone?
[8:36] Dembe: I am also willing to start to put together a paper for the educational USES for SL for our DS
[8:36] Dembe: if anyone is willing to work with me I would be happy to work as a team
[8:36] Chat Range: Gus Plisskin [9m]
[8:37] Tooka Mulligan: Keep me in mind Dembe
[8:37] Geck Webb: 3rd action suggestion: those interested could work on a paper to talk about its uses (affordances) challenges and possibilities...also doing some case studies of projects that have worked
[8:37] Victoria Bury: count me in too , Dembe :-)
[8:37] Ivy Innis: I'm willing to work on it Dembe
[8:37] Gus Plisskin: hi everyone
[8:37] Dembe:
[8:37] Gus Plisskin: `
[8:37] Geck Webb: maybe we can all IM Dembe to Cooridinate it and then she can get those of us interested in that to chat later
[8:37] Victoria Bury: Hi Gus
[8:37] Maggie Marat: Hi Gus
[8:37] Maggie Marat: glad you could make it!
[8:37] Dembe: That is fine with me if it sound good to Geck
[8:38] Gus Plisskin: I'll leave from here for the flight to NECC!
[8:38] Dembe: Hi Gus
[8:38] Gus Plisskin: Hi Dembe. Hi Victoria. Hey Maggie
[8:38] Victoria Bury: :-)
[8:38] RealityChuck Writer: We should introduce ourselves.
[8:39] Maggie Marat: everyone - Gus is very knowledgeable about the Global Kids Education Project
[8:39] RealityChuck Writer: I'm Chuck Rothman from Siena College and we're just looking into SL.
[8:39] Maggie Marat: I WILL LET HIM ELABORATE
[8:39] Maggie Marat: but FYI Gus we are discussing avenues for NY Se Educators to collaborate on TG
[8:39] Maggie Marat: with land, curriculum, etc
[8:40] Gus Plisskin: very cool idea
[8:40] Dembe: I am Karen Schaeffer Hincapie (Brooks) from Ulster BOCES Model Schools and author of
[8:41] Ivy Innis: Beth Wellman Bard College MAT
[8:41] Maggie Marat: Ramapo at
[8:41] Geck Webb: Jeremiah Frink--- AccelerateU---EduTech RIC
[8:41] Victoria Bury: VB-Orange Ulster BOCES Media Library
[8:41] Alistar Ames: Andrew Taylor, Ulster BOCES
[8:41] Indiana Straaf: Andy Raab, Monroe #1 BOCES... Challenger Learning Center
[8:42] Maqabee Mulberry: Jack McCabe-- Associate Supt—WFLBOCES
[8:42] Gus Plisskin: I'm Gus (RL: Fred Fuchs of FireSabre Consulting, a general SL contractor)
[8:42] Gatortip Sinatra: I thought you were the new lt. gov. of colorodo?
[8:42] Maggie Marat: and a Teen Grid expert LOL
[8:42] Esteban Bates: steve orcutt: MST program leader Monroe #1 BOCES ( )
[8:43] Robespierre Jewell: Peter Robson,Monroe #1 BOCES- BUBL Project
[8:43] Tooka Mulligan: Since people are plugging there websites... Model Schools Wiki (Technology Help/Tutorials)
[8:44] Gus Plisskin: shameless plug v2.0: I posted info on the Firesabre-Global Kids Virtual World Campus on our website. It covers some of how we plan to help educators setup more easily and share ideas and content
[8:44] Gus Plisskin: these could work for a NY group as well
[8:44] Dembe: can you give us the url
[8:45] Dembe: thanks
[8:45] Geck Webb: from this meeting we have 3 action items....and then many...many side conversations (which was the purpose for this anyway :)
[8:45] Gus Plisskin:
[8:46] Dembe: Are we meeting again?
[8:46] Geck Webb: 1- schedule more regular meetings I offer to set up the next one and then hand off to others) 2- post projects on the SL educator wiki with the note of NYSEiSL 3- white paper (coordinated by Dembe)
[8:47] Geck Webb: others???
[8:47] Dembe: Sounds good
[8:47] Dembe: great start
[8:47] Geck Webb: or adjustments to the 3 I had gathered
[8:47] Dembe: nope
[8:47] Maggie Marat: wonderful!
[8:48] Geck Webb: url for the wiki for projects:
[8:48] Maggie Marat: Thanks Dembe for taking this on
[8:49] Geck Webb: ok....I don't want to stop the chatting if you want, but I know some of us have other things back in the 1st life to attend unless there are other items for the 'meeting' I think this was great!
[8:49] Geck Webb: Don't forget to take snapshots and offer friendship to people before you go
[8:49] Ivy Innis: Dembe - definitely - there is a lot of interest right now
[8:50] Dembe: FYI I have land adjacent to this and I put educational items on it for free for others to take
[8:50] Dembe: for teaching
[8:50] Tooka Mulligan: cool
[8:51] Victoria Bury: Dembe can I have a LM of that please ?
[8:51] Dembe: yes
[8:51] Maggie Marat: see everyone at NECC tomorrow (I arrive in the evening -) I'm off to the Real LiIfe Dentist UGH!
[8:51] Tooka Mulligan: I arrive Sunday afternoon at NECC
[8:51] Geck Webb: Thanks are the start of most of this!!!
[8:51] Gus Plisskin: I arrive in about 3 hours :)
[8:51] Dembe: It is on the listing under Dembe Wellman’s Educational Place
[8:52] Tooka Mulligan: Thanks for sharing Maggie.
[8:52] Geck Webb: oh yeah...did we decide on an SL at NECC meeting for those going?
[8:52] Victoria Bury: ok Dembe :-)
[8:52] Geck Webb: or are we just going to conenct at the NYSCATE reception?
[8:52] Dembe: and
[8:54] Geck Webb: bye everyone...thanks for coming!!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Portable Applications?

Are you a mobile teacher on the move like me? Well this product just came across my desk. It is so cool!!! allows you to store and run programs on your 2.0 or 4.0 gig flash drive with out installing them on your computer. The best part of this program is it is FREE!

" provides a truly open platform that works with any hardware you like (USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive, etc). It's open source built around an open format that any hardware vendor or software developer can use."

This is a definate recommend of Dembe's!

Regards till my next blog,
Dembe ;-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Article from the Japanese Times

Great education article from the Japanese Times - can be located at

Special thanks to Stan Trevena at for sharing this. ;-)


NECC Next Week

Are you attending NECC?

Well some sessions will be podcasted and others vodcasted - :-).

There will be sessions that will be podcast at this convention and are listed here:
and the Vodcasts are listed here:


Tour of Educational Places in SL - Self Guided

Dembe will de doing a series of tutorials and tours of educational places on my blog over the summer. Dembe figured this may give us all a virtual vacation. :-) If you are new to SL and are still learning to fly and transport, then the place for you to start on this tour of educational places in SL is at the Campus Island Sim. The SLURL is below for the location:

Campus Real Life Student Orientation Area

  • In this sim you land in a Sandbox area that is just in front of the Campus Real Life Student Orientation and was Created by Pathfinder Linden.
  • Campus is a Linden Island dedicated to education.
  • In the orientation area there area number of practice stations located here for use. It does not matter in what order tasks are complete. The Lindens suggest you work in teams, so individuals can learn from each other.
  • The note card gives specific instructions and tips for individuals to follow.
  • If you are here with a group of individuals and some are more experienced in the basics of SL, then those individuals can use the sandbox to practice building.

Our next stop on this tour will be at ISTE Headquarters:

ISTE Headquarters

  • ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education.
  • ISTE Headquarters is located on EduIsland be sure to pick up a FREE ISTE t-shirt and other helpful information on duty Docents may be able to help you with about SL.
  • There is a green teleport button on the left of the screen that will allow avatars to transfer to Skypark. Many ISTE socials are located at Skypark.
  • On the right of the headquarters is a calendar that lists all the monthly events.
  • When you teleport over to Skypark, your avatar will land in front of a teleport. Turn around and there is a presentation area with cubes. These are great cubes. They allow avatars sitting on them to raise their hands for questions when attending an event. It works by using the ALT-PAGE UP key for hand up and ALT-PAGE DOWN key for down for hand down.
  • On the Skypark teleport board there is a teleport to the EduIsland Sandbox. This is a great sandbox to practice building, open and unpack objects and use to clean up your inventory. Just remember to clean up after yourself.
  • ISTE has a new island - ISTE island. They held their first Show and Tell Session for educators on Monday, June 18, 2006 at 6PM SLT time. ISTE Island is located at Island/22/47/23
  • In addition you can join the ISTE Group for more information and updates or contact Kittygloom Cassidy for more details.

Our next stop on this educational tour of SL will be at NOAA located on Meteora Island:

NOAA Virtual Island for Tsunami Demo

  • I gave you the exact coordinates for the Tsunami Demo, but you automatically go to the telehub on the island instead.
  • Be sure to click for a HUD (Heads up Display) This will really help at NOAA and give a tour. Right click on the sign and then click Touch.
  • Keep the object given to you from Aimee Weber. (Yes, this is an Amiee Weber designed sim
  • Once you get the HUD be sure to wear it. To wear it, go to your inventory, type NOAA for search, right click on NOAA HUD, drop down to wear and click.
  • A HUD will then appear in your upper left corner of the screen.
  • There are a lot of great things to explore on NOAA – such as a melting Glacier Demo, Tsunami Demo, Real Time Weather, Hurricane and Weather Balloon Demo, Sea Life and Submarine Tour.
  • Watch for signs to each of these locations. When you enter each location the HUD plays a tutorial explaining what is happening.
  • When you are finished with the HUD, right click on it and click on detach.

Our next stop is interactive at the end. We are going to the Heart Murmur Sim on Waterhead Island:

Heart Murmur Sim

  • This site also requires a HUD for the tour.
  • Right click on the cone and click touch. Accept the object from Jeremy Kabump.
  • You need to wear the HUD. Go to your inventory, search for HMS Badge. Right click on HMS Badge, drop down to wear and click.
  • The HUD will appear on the stomach of your avatar.
  • You need to listen carefully in the first two exam rooms because you will be putting what you have learned to test in Exam Room 3.
  • You are ready to begin the tour.
  • Before entering Exam Room 1, right click the blue sign and click on touch - this will give sound and needs to be done outside every room before entering.
  • Touch the different circles on the heart to hear what it sounds like. Remember to check the diagnosis as well.
  • Continue till you get to exam room three.
  • When you get to three, you must use all that you have learned and diagnose the patient. When you are complete, take off the HUD and complete the survey.

Our next stop is the Virtual Hallucinations Sim located on Sedig:

Virtual Hallucinations

· This can be a disturbing sim to some so please read the warning. The warning: “Some people find the virtual hallucinations experience disturbing, particularly the voices. If you find it bothersome, just walk to the end of the clinic and click the "Stop Voices" button. If you have a history of mental illness, particularly a psychotic disorder, you should not tour this facility. The virtual hallucinations environment has been experienced without difficulty by a few people with well-controlled schizophrenia. They found it interesting and educational. However, I don't know if experiencing a version of someone else's hallucinations is helpful or harmful. While I doubt it could induce hallucinations, I don't know for sure. So please be careful. Remember that you can quit at any time.

Nash Baldwin – aka in RL James Cook, MD MS

  • The site also requires that you wear a HUD for the experience.
  • The HUD is in the form of a badge. Right click on the yellow cylinder on the table and accept the object given to you by Nash Baldwin.
  • Next, open your inventory and drag the item called Hallucinations Badge to your avatar.
  • Next, open your inventory and drag the item called Hallucinations Badge to your avatar.
  • Your avatar is now ready to enter the site.
  • This site was designed by the University of Queensland.

After that experience you may need a break. So, our last stop for the day will be a Freebie store in SL located on Deva Loka Island.

Freebies Dungeon Loka/2/16/64

  • There are lots of Freebies here. And I mean free 0L.
  • You can find clothing, skins, and some cool gadgets and HUDS here.
  • If you are looking for educational items you can find them at my educational space located at:
  • I just started this space, but will be adding items every month.

I will be posting more self guided tours on here over the next couple of week.

Regards till my next posting,

Dembe ;-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Educational Items

Dembe has decided to put up some educational items for educators on her land. These items are tools that can be used in SL for teaching and learning. Please stop by Dembe Wellman’s Educational Space at and check these items out. There may be something here you need. She will be changing the items on the parcel on a monthly basis, as well as showcasing items that may be purchases by SL designers (A landmark will be given for these specific items to purchase in SL). In June, the following items will be available for Educators:

Answering Machine
Quiz Show Button Controller
School Work Desk
Stop All Animations HUD
Avatar Radar Hud
Book – Pictures can be uploaded to each page.
Media Player/movie screen
Female Avatar Shapes and Skins
Handheld 4.0 device
Working Chess Table
Online Tracker
Visitor Counter

Check back – I will be adding other items and showcasing items all month. Educational items will change in July.

Regards till my next post,
Dembe ☺

Friday, June 15, 2007

So Who is Using SL for Teaching?

Are you curious, like me, as to who is using SL academically? I was curious as to which colleges and universities, k-12 and organizations where using this tool with their students for academic purposes. Well, SLED came through again. Thank you to Nicholas Papamarkos from Rutgers University for sharing the following link:

This link goes directly to the Institutions and Organizations in SL Web Page of the Sim Teach Wiki, The Main page for this Wiki is

It is also mentioned below on my blog as an important web-page resource. Interested in joining SL mail list to keep up to date on educational items? The webpage for this listing is located at

Regards to my next post,
Dembe :-)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

2001 Space Odyssey

Who out there does not remember the movie "2001 Space Odyssey" and the computer Hal. Well, according to this software, you can have a Hal Computer. Zabaware has put out a program that will give your computer "artificial intelligence". The URL is

The company claims this "software can hold intelligent conversations with you. You can chat with your computer about anything and you can always expect an intelligent response."

"Ultra Hal Assistant is your digital secretary and companion. He (or she depending on your character preference) can remember and remind you of appointments. He can keep an address book. He can keep a phone book, and even dial phone numbers for you! Hal can also run programs and recent documents on command. Hal can help you browse the Internet. He will offer you help with most of your Windows programs. Hal does all of this from natural language -- simply tell him or ask him something in plain English! Hal has huge conversational database and can chat about anything at all. Hal will learn from every single sentence that you tell him and over time Hal will learn to like the same things you do, and to talk about topics you like to talk about. Ultra Hal Assistant even has built in speech recognition so that you can speak to Hal out loud instead of typing. Ultra Hal utilizes an advanced real time 3D character engine from Haptek that delivers 3-D artificial human characters so convincing and engaging you could swear they were real."

There is a free download for this software, but we where unable to use get it to work. Therefore, Dembe has never used this program, but thought the concept was very interested and worth sharing. Download with caution.

Regards till my next post,

Gaming and Learning

Gaming and Learning
Since finding Third World Farmer, I have found some other great educational simulations. I am putting together a course on Gaming and Learning. I usually keep this blog for SL, but I felt obligated to share these wonderful educational simulations I found in my research. As educators, I hope you find these resources helpful in your classrooms and helping your students to learn. The following are what I found on the web that were online (No downloads needed) and FREE and help to support the curriculum by using technology as an instructional tool: Design Your Own Satellite: Help Jimmy and Susan watch TV by developing a satellite that will help get them television signals. Your satellite will need to: Get into Orbit, Make Power, Point at Earth and Relay Signals. The people of Littleton can help you with suggestions. Very cute and not as easy as it looks. :-) Space Walk: This simulation was developed by the Discovery Channel. You are an astronaut in space and must attach two cables to the Space Shuttle. The cables are for communication and data. You will have to gather the cables, use the shuttle are to transport, attach yourself to the shuttle and walk. If you do not work quick enough you may find that the sun sets and hope you remembered to bring a flashlight with you. :-) Virtual School Simulation: This is very creative and a great simulation for professional development. It allows the professional to pick their school, sex and educational scenario. The way you deal with each scenario will determine the staffs moral. Very cool simulation and seems to provide a great leadership training showing how decisions impact moral and school communities. ;-) You even get a secretary as an assistant and helper and an office in this simulation. The picture above is a collage of some of the computer screens for this simulation. :-) Jamestown Online Adventure: This is a great simulation. It allows you to make the decisions for the voyage and landing, as well as interaction with the Native Americans. Then it compares your choices to the historical ones made. Above are some screen shots of the Jamestown simulation.

Viking Quest
Play the game of 'Viking Quest', which takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize? Your chief has set the challenge, it's up to you to respond. Very cool simulation. If you fail you are banished from the Viking community.

Death in Sakkara: An Egyptian Adventure: Egypt, 1929. Journalist Charles Fox plunges into a darkly sinister world of intrigue, murder and mysticism in the hunt for a missing archaeologist. Multi-layered and fiendishly challenging!
Above are some screens from this simulation.

Investing Simulator: This simulator helps understand economics and investing in stocks. Excellent for a 12th grade economics class. The goal of this simulator is a training to invest online, but it also shows how stocks are sold and how people can gain and loose money in the blink of an eye. Virtual Garden: Okay - who does not just love an English garden???? Well this simulation lets you design a garden and see if it is functional for growing plants and flowers. Very cool and deals with a lot of graphing concepts. Not as easy as it sounds. You need a virtual green thumb for this simulation. :-) Battle for the Planet: In this simulation you are in the year 2100. You return to the year 2007 and make daily life choices to determine your carbon emissions and how they will effect the future. City Creator: This site requires that you provide an email address to be a member of the community. It allows you to design a city with roads and buildings and see how functional it is, along with pick community members. Once the city is complete it joins the larger community of created cities designed by other members and people can even use their city designs as wallpaper on their computer. Dumptown Recycle Game: You are Dumptown's new City Manager! When you start to play, you'll see Dumptown at its worst — it's littered, polluted, and nothing is being recycled or reused. There are many trash cans and dumpsters, but no recycling bins. That means all of the trash is going right into the landfill just outside town, where it isn't doing anyone any good.

In your new position, you can start programs that encourage Dumptown's citizens and businesses to recycle and reduce waste.

You have 10 programs to work with. Each time you try out a new one, you can see immediately how the Dumptown landscape changes. You also see how much waste you are saving from going into the landfill.

Virtual Solar System and Planet: This is two games in one: Solar System - Explore the planets, comets and asteroids on an interactive virtual fly-through. Zoom in close on a particular planet or choose a different orbit view to see the whole system from afar. The data sheets let you discover more about some of the elements that make up our Solar System. World Builder - Work your way through each of the creation screens, but make your choices wisely, only certain conditions will ensure your planet is a successful place to grow and evolve.

If you have any educational simulation URL's you would like to share, then please add a comment with the URL link and game name.

Regards till my next post,

Dembe ;-)

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sorry - Access to Dembe's Land Restored

Thank you for letting me know (those of you who IMed me in SL) I had my newly acquired land blocked. :-) I greatly appreciate it and appologize. I was playing with the land controls earlier this afternoon and got locked up a few times and thought it was restored for all to access.

Dembe's Home is now accessable at


Schome - Not School - Not Home

Education for the 21st Century - Love these phrase - Dembe came across this on SLED today.
Seems like a great concept. is the URL for the Schome Community Homepage.

This is definately a poduct worth watching since it works with both the adult and Teen SL grid.

Regards till my next post,

Educational Gaming Based on Nobel Prizes

I came across some more great educational games today I wanted to safe with this community. I usually keep my post to SL, but wanted to add these wonderful educational games I just came across. is a great site that offers educational games and simulations, based on Nobel Prize-awarded achievements. These games "teach and inspire" while promoting fun and learning. The game topics include: physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, peace and economics. I tried some of these and found them to be challenging.

Regards till my next post,

Dembe Buys Land!

Dembe decided to take the plunge yesterday and buy land in SL. She bought in Molesworth, a parcel formerly owned by Victoria. Above you see Dembe and Victoria in front of the fountain on Dembe's new land. :-) The land is next to the NYSEiSL Group's Free educational space on Molesworth.

Dembe set up a classroom space on her parcel of land with an unlocked whiteboard for use. Yes and unlocked whiteboard for educational use. It is seen at the end of this picture. Dembe's new home is listed under the search feature on the SL home page or can be found directly at:

Dembe will be setting up some FREE Educator Survival Boxes over the next few weeks on this land for other educators to pick-up and use.

Regards till my next post,

Monday, June 11, 2007

Land for Free Use to Educators!

Yes, land for use for educators. All you have to do is join NYSEiSL (New York State Educators in Second Life) in groups and you can use this land for your classes. It is a nice parcel. In fact you do not even need to be a NYS member, just join the group if you are an educator to use the land. You have to be wearing your NYSEiSL Group to enter the Parcel. The location is

This is a great piece of land to use as an educator. Victoria has graciously given this land for group members to use for educational purposes.

Regards till my next post,

Kathy Schrock Freebies on SL

Yes, Kathy has some freebies on Angel Learning Isle located at the Tools for Educators center. located at learning isle/153/67/23. Again, the items are free and the place itself is work a look.

The location even offers these neat chairs. However, they are not from Kathy. The following s from the NoteCard:

Multi Chair always keeps a spare chair rezzed. If the chair is sat on then it will rez another as spare. If someone stands it will automatically remove that chair, leaving one spare.

Multi Chair can only be obtained by using Multi Gadget by Timeless Prototype. To buy a Multi Gadget you can buy directly from Timeless Prototype's shop - Timeless Gadget Shop (view Timeless Prototype's profile, Picks, Timeless Gadget Shop). Buy cheaper from resellers, choose Find, Places, and search for Multi Gadget.

I tried the chair out and it is pretty neat. It really does create another once I sat and removed it immediately one I decided to stand back up. :-) It can be purchased at island/64/111/36.

Regards till my next posting,

Whiteboard - Free Use

A whiteboard on Angel Isle is free for use to others. :-) The catch, when it is not locked by the owner. :-) is the instructions for using the whiteboard.

The slurl is learning isle/152/73/27. The board is owned by Intelligirl and part of the ICT Library.

Regards till my next posting,

Friday, June 8, 2007

Third World Farmer

Dembe usually keeps her postings to SL, but every once in a while she come across something educationally worth sharing on this blog. Today, Milamber T. showed her Third World Farmer. What a great educational game.

"3rd World Farmer, a game that puts you in the shoes of a family of farmers in one of the poorest areas of the world. This remarkable simulation lets you make the important decisions that will determine if your family will prosper, or starve.

Will you plant corn this year, or peanuts? Will you invest your few dollars in a new tractor, or pay off a local representative? Can you afford to send your children to school, or give them medicine? 3rd World Farmer lets you make the hard decisions!"

Third world farmer can be found at

Regards till my next post,

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Suffern Students Talk About Using SL in Class

Institutional Webpages for SL

I have been looking at K-12 and College webpages for SL. As a result, I am adding a new section to my main blog today for College and Schools SL Webpages. I will be posting them as I come across them. If you would like yours added to the list, please send it to me in an attachment in this posting.

Dembe ;-)

KitKat in Third Life?

Book - Second Life for Dummies

Yes, the book, Second Life for Dummies will be out this Fall. LOL - I think this is a great idea! It is being co-authored by Sarah Robbins from Ball State University ( and her fiance, Mark Bell also from Ball State University ( The book is being published by John Wiley & Sons. Both, Sarah and Mark are active members in SL in the educational arena. This book should be a staple of the Survival Guide for all new teachers K-12 and college level teaching in SL.

More information on this book may be obtained at:

or go to Amazon at
got more information about its publication release.

I know I will be looking for it in December of 2007. :-)

Regards till my next post,
Dembe ;-)

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Gartner Says 80 Percent of Active Internet Users Will Have A "Second Life" in the Virtual World by the End of 2011

This is an interesting article that can be read on


User Acceptance of Virtual Worlds: An Explorative Study about Second Life

Research Study: User Acceptance of Virtual Worlds: An Explorative Study about Second Life

"The report assesses the user acceptance of Virtual Worlds, specifically Second Life. By means of a survey with almost 250 respondents this report provides first empirical results of the user acceptance of Second Life. The data has been gathered during spring 2007. Our results show that 90% of respondents have less than a year experience, 70% access Second Life from home and 54% with a desktop. There are 67% of respondents who are not afraid of giving personal information. Almost 60% are very likely to buy virtual goods from Second Life, and 42% are willing to use their credit card to purchase on Second Life. About 70% perceive Second Life improves collaboration and communication, and more than 60% perceive that it improves cooperation between people. 56% of respondents perceive Second life as easy to use. Finally, our results indicate that people are using Second Life not to change their identity, but rather to explore and visit new places and meet people.
If users accept Virtual Worlds as a new way and channel to communicate, collaborate, and cooperation and if institutions arrive to provide value to users, Virtual Worlds might become then next generation platform for Internet users. However, in order to become mainstream, Virtual Worlds like Second Life have many challenges to overcome and where user acceptance is probably the most important one."

Get the report on

Interesting Blog

Came across this blog today:

It had some valid and interesting points.


Astronomy Exhibit

Wonderful astronomy exhibits in SL are located at:

Video - 2007 SL Best Practices Conference

Education in SL: Explore the Possibilities

Memory Garden- Addiction - Fantasy/Reality - Evolution?

Below is a well done Machinima on SL and entering into this exciting new world.

Dembe is Finally BACK!

Okay, it has been six weeks since my surgery and Dembe has finally returned. Wow, a lot of exciting things have been happening educationally in SL over the past few weeks. Here are a few you might be interested in as an educator:

Info for Educational Grand Writers: if you are interested in SL this site offer information necessary to any educational institution - "The Second Life Foundation for Rich Content has just announced a new round of grants to support the creation of rich content in SL. You can read the official press release about the grants on their Google Group. Applications are due July 25."

Educator Teaching in SL:
2007 SL Best Practices in SL occurred on May 25th, 2007! What a wonderful and exciting educational event and conference. And since it was in SL, a 24 hour conference, many events where documented so you can see and view many of these items at To visit the actual conference site in SL please visit More about the conference from the conference notecard: "On May 25, 2007, the first 24 hour international conference ever to take place in a virtual world happened here in Second Life. The Second Life Best Practices in Education: Teaching, Learning, and Research 2007 International Conference was a smash hit.

The multi-sim conference hosted over 30 academic presentations from several countries, including Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. Participants received gift bags with over 100 educational items to use in Second Life.

What was expected to be a small event turned large-scale when over 1,000 educators from around the world registered to attend the free conference, and over 50 volunteers and 100+ educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and businesses from both the real world and the Second Life world signed up to take part.

Technology in education blogger Ryan Bretag (known as Existential Paine in Second Life) wrote, "There are those rare occurrences where in the moment, you can feel a change, you can feel a complete shift. The past 24 hours I bore witness to that rare moment where you literally witness the shift happening in front of you and know things are never going to be the same from this point forward."

Financial support from Gold and Silver Sponsors provided real-life quality to a completely virtual event. An Australian company,, provided live voice streaming capabilities for the presentations and conducted live video and audio streaming to overflow locations and via their website at to allow educators from around the world to view the conference proceedings on the web.

The conference proceedings are archived on the the website at and a second conference is planned in 2008. For more information, please see the website or contact"

The Conference Schedule:

Daily Events:

Keynote Speakers:

Presentation Schedule:

Conference Team:


Vendors and Exhibits:

Please check back for more exciting news today and in the future. There is always something new and exciting happening in SL that can enhance our classrooms in some way to produce dynamic learning.

Regards till my next post,
Dembe :-)

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