Thursday, March 15, 2007

Message Board - A Must Have SL Classroom Tool!

Dembe has come across many items in SL that are creative and fun. Many have educational uses. However, the one Dembe is going to spotlight in this blog, pictured above, is the Message Board which is a web-driven tool. Yes, web-driven folks - this means you do not have to log into SL to post messages. It also means you do not have to create any note cards! :-) This is a very cool, exciting and easy to use tool Dembe is fascinated and impressed with. It is a must have educational item for the SL classroom or educational island!

To post a message, simply go to the webpage url, type your message, click post and your message is there in SL for students. It is very user friendly. You can see Dembe's message in the picture at the top of this blog as a sample. This is a great tool to remind students of events - inworld and out, midterms, finals, project and paper due dates, homework, or to simply give out simple instructions and class updates. You can go to the store url listed below and try it out before you buy it for a low price of 199L.

The message board was designed by a game designer and computer programmer named Darius Lahane. Darius is in the picture above with the Message Board he designed. Darius is a very creative designer and owner of iTunes Radio and Particle Wizard Creator on Semang located at There are many great items for educational us in SL in his store. This is one of a few I plan on blogging about over the next couple of weeks.

The price of this Message Board is 199L and it takes up 34 prims when it is in use on your land. Both the color and letters can be changed and adjusted by the texture controls. Again, try it out for yourself. It is user friendly and Dembe is positive you will find it a necessary tool for your SL classroom as well.

Regards till my next blog,


SusNyrop said...

What a nice surprise to meet you tonight!

Dembe Wellman said...

Thank you! It was a pleasure talking to you. I was thrilled to meet another educator, especially from denmark!! Please keep in touch, I look forward to seeing you again in SL.


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