Thursday, April 12, 2007

Zoho Writer a Really Cool Tool for Groups Working in SL

Okay, anyone that knows Dembe or her user knows that downloading Word Documents is very upsetting to her. Currently, Dembe is working with a few groups on SL and Google groups seems to be the key place to get and retrieve documents.

Well, what if there was a Word program that was web based and documents no longer have to be be downloaded, just shared? Well, it is Web 2.0, ask and Ye Shall Receive! It is out there and it is called Zoho Writer. It is out of Chennai, India and works in English. Best of all it is FREE to sign-up for a user account. Below is a picture of the Zoho Writer online tool:

"Like, a service recently purchased by Google, Zoho is going head-to-head with Microsoft Word by building word processing into your browser. Zoho Writer lets you export and import Word documents from your PC or create new ones online and share them with anyone. Zoho also offers Zoho Sheets, an online spreadsheet, and Zoho Planner, a to-do list that can all be shared by groups."(

Information on Zoho can be obtained from I think this could be a wonderful tool for group users of SL. It eliminates the need for making sure all users have the same software and cuts down the possibility of downloading viruses onto a computer.

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Emma Duke-Williams said...

One other advantage of Zoho over Google Docs is that you can upload larger files to start with. Google's got a limit (so has Zoho - but it's quite a lot bigger!)
I'm not sure if either / both have an upper size limit for files once they've been uploaded & you're busy adding to them.

Sue Baskerville said...

Wouldn't it be nice if you could access Zoho in the Second Life Mozilla browser, the browser that shows the Web Tab and LSL Wiki, and drag and drop from your Second Life inventory right onto a Zoho page?

Drag a snapshot or a notecard or an LSL script into a Zoho document, or onto the Zoho Notebook?

Drag a Zoho doc displayed in the Mozilla browser and drop it on each of the avatars at a meeting in SL?

Zoho is not the only such collaboration service that would be nice to have integrated in some fashion with SL but it does seem to be a rather nice one.

Do you happen to know of any Zoho sites one can join just for fun? Trying out a collaboration service by yourself isn't the best possible way to get the feel of what they are like.

SuezanneC Baskerville said...

One of the things LL has cited as a primary task is improvement of the SL web browser. We can already use the in-client web browser without too much difficulty.

I think the Zoho Notes application would be the one that might seem fun enough to get some folks to try out.

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