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September 07 - Highlights for SL and Education (Mostly)

Well, I have been posting a little less frequently about SL the past few weeks because of the start-up of the new school year. I went into SL yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks and downloaded the new updates. However, I could not find any friends online to try the voice features out with. I will have to go back on Sunday night when it seems to be Educator Central in SL. :-)

Just because I have not been on SL does not mean I have not been active. Take a look at these great SL web pages and articles I have come across in the past few weeks:

Digital Space Portal - This is an interesting website/wiki. Digital Spaces is an open source multi-media presentation and simulation engine. It is highly flexible allowing the designer to choose what capabilities they want and how to use them. It supports a range of media types, with a focus on immersive 3 dimensional "spaces".

Scorp's Second Life Adventures - This is SL comic book style - very cool.

CBS News Article on SL - from September 18th, 2007 - Learning Architecture In A Virtual World:Larry Magid Reports On Real Life Tycoon's New Way Of Teaching. "(CBS) Terry Beaubois had a problem when he was offered a position teaching architecture at Montana State University. He wasn't ready to move to Bozeman, Montana, where the campus is located. So he figured out a way to teach the course from his home in Northern California . . . "

SciLands - This is a blog that is devoted to a special region of SL called the SciLands.

Knowledge Transfer Innovations - Pretty interesting site, especially for SL medical and college level teaching.

Second Life Computer History Museum - The objective of this site is to develop a Museum to showcase information about the history of Computers, Computing and Computer Science. They need to include a SLURL - this is very cool, but I am not sure if it is connected to

Tenth Life
is a new blog that takes Torley's tips from videos and toned them down.

Edmonton Journal Article - NAIT goes virtual with Second Life from 9/18/07

The Modern Virtual Environments - Provides PDF documents and they are a theory. It is intended to be used as an educational tool for those interested in the field of architecture from a digital perspective.

Best of Both Worlds - I was attracted to this one since they recommend and read Puritans Guide. Thanks guys. :-) Content seems good and has a lot of readers. Over 20,000 for this blog. Love the catch phrase : A man in his mid second life crisis. :-)

Random Thoughts; for Boston Now Readers - Not completely about SL, but occasionally posts about it and other technology.

Shambles Menu - gives a listing of some hot SL educational blogs.

Digital School House - Another cool blogs - they also mentions Puritan's Guide - so thanks it is much appreciated - :-) Good site and has some great blog widgets!

Ambling in Second Life - Fantastic content!!!

Avatar Languages - This is a school out of South America that will teach you a language in SL - very cool concept. Never tried it, but looks like a great idea.

ABC' News - Second Life Gets Real at a conference.

Flickr - Second Life Families

Second Life - A guide to your Virtual World - New Book out on SL.

Sliterary of Fiction and Second Life - Very cool web page. A must visit. Stories from in world of SL. Great idea!!!

Second Avatar - one of my all time favs!! they are currently publicizing SL Next Top Model They are looking for Mr and Ms SL World. It is free. More info at MS SL World gets 5000 lindens and the top 10 pictures get 500 lindens. Does not seem educational, but a lot of fun. Maybe Dembe should join to see if she can be the next title holder. :-)

Natalia's Second Life Diary*%20Getting%20Started%20in%20Second%20Life%20Guide*
Gives a good starters guide and also good recommendations for fashion to the SL new comer. Wish I would have read this blog when I got started. :-)

SL Newspaper Finance - Blog that looks at the business side of SL. I guess it is kind of the Wall Street Journal of SL ;-)

Alliance Second Life Library Project Report in PDF format - This is a must read.

3 Point D Good blog on virtual worlds. Today they published that the Google 3d world is back on the rumor mill. "Arizona State University students will have the opportunity to test a new product that sounds very virtual world and that also sounds like it will require a Gmail account. Apparently to be “publicly launched later this year,” the product is developed by “a major Internet company” and, says Google Op" very interesting articles - great blog as well.

Its Not Whether You Win or Lose, But How You Play The Game in Education - an Annotated Bibliography on SL

Tech Crunch - Virtual World Hang Outs -So many to choose from - a review of some of the top 3d worlds -

Second Life/Second Changes? Maybe - From Arab News on SL -

IBM Gaming and Leadership Report -

SL video Tutorials for educators getting ready to teach in SL

Educause Connect - Reading into the Virtual World for Real World Learning article.

Okay - If you would like to see all of my SL resources, please join my network. I am Dembe01 on

I will be posting a monthly highlights for education or of interest in SL like this at the end of each month this academic year.

Regards till my next post,

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