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Tour of Educational Places in SL - Self Guided

Dembe will de doing a series of tutorials and tours of educational places on my blog over the summer. Dembe figured this may give us all a virtual vacation. :-) If you are new to SL and are still learning to fly and transport, then the place for you to start on this tour of educational places in SL is at the Campus Island Sim. The SLURL is below for the location:

Campus Real Life Student Orientation Area

  • In this sim you land in a Sandbox area that is just in front of the Campus Real Life Student Orientation and was Created by Pathfinder Linden.
  • Campus is a Linden Island dedicated to education.
  • In the orientation area there area number of practice stations located here for use. It does not matter in what order tasks are complete. The Lindens suggest you work in teams, so individuals can learn from each other.
  • The note card gives specific instructions and tips for individuals to follow.
  • If you are here with a group of individuals and some are more experienced in the basics of SL, then those individuals can use the sandbox to practice building.

Our next stop on this tour will be at ISTE Headquarters:

ISTE Headquarters

  • ISTE stands for International Society for Technology in Education.
  • ISTE Headquarters is located on EduIsland be sure to pick up a FREE ISTE t-shirt and other helpful information on duty Docents may be able to help you with about SL.
  • There is a green teleport button on the left of the screen that will allow avatars to transfer to Skypark. Many ISTE socials are located at Skypark.
  • On the right of the headquarters is a calendar that lists all the monthly events.
  • When you teleport over to Skypark, your avatar will land in front of a teleport. Turn around and there is a presentation area with cubes. These are great cubes. They allow avatars sitting on them to raise their hands for questions when attending an event. It works by using the ALT-PAGE UP key for hand up and ALT-PAGE DOWN key for down for hand down.
  • On the Skypark teleport board there is a teleport to the EduIsland Sandbox. This is a great sandbox to practice building, open and unpack objects and use to clean up your inventory. Just remember to clean up after yourself.
  • ISTE has a new island - ISTE island. They held their first Show and Tell Session for educators on Monday, June 18, 2006 at 6PM SLT time. ISTE Island is located at Island/22/47/23
  • In addition you can join the ISTE Group for more information and updates or contact Kittygloom Cassidy for more details.

Our next stop on this educational tour of SL will be at NOAA located on Meteora Island:

NOAA Virtual Island for Tsunami Demo

  • I gave you the exact coordinates for the Tsunami Demo, but you automatically go to the telehub on the island instead.
  • Be sure to click for a HUD (Heads up Display) This will really help at NOAA and give a tour. Right click on the sign and then click Touch.
  • Keep the object given to you from Aimee Weber. (Yes, this is an Amiee Weber designed sim
  • Once you get the HUD be sure to wear it. To wear it, go to your inventory, type NOAA for search, right click on NOAA HUD, drop down to wear and click.
  • A HUD will then appear in your upper left corner of the screen.
  • There are a lot of great things to explore on NOAA – such as a melting Glacier Demo, Tsunami Demo, Real Time Weather, Hurricane and Weather Balloon Demo, Sea Life and Submarine Tour.
  • Watch for signs to each of these locations. When you enter each location the HUD plays a tutorial explaining what is happening.
  • When you are finished with the HUD, right click on it and click on detach.

Our next stop is interactive at the end. We are going to the Heart Murmur Sim on Waterhead Island:

Heart Murmur Sim

  • This site also requires a HUD for the tour.
  • Right click on the cone and click touch. Accept the object from Jeremy Kabump.
  • You need to wear the HUD. Go to your inventory, search for HMS Badge. Right click on HMS Badge, drop down to wear and click.
  • The HUD will appear on the stomach of your avatar.
  • You need to listen carefully in the first two exam rooms because you will be putting what you have learned to test in Exam Room 3.
  • You are ready to begin the tour.
  • Before entering Exam Room 1, right click the blue sign and click on touch - this will give sound and needs to be done outside every room before entering.
  • Touch the different circles on the heart to hear what it sounds like. Remember to check the diagnosis as well.
  • Continue till you get to exam room three.
  • When you get to three, you must use all that you have learned and diagnose the patient. When you are complete, take off the HUD and complete the survey.

Our next stop is the Virtual Hallucinations Sim located on Sedig:

Virtual Hallucinations

· This can be a disturbing sim to some so please read the warning. The warning: “Some people find the virtual hallucinations experience disturbing, particularly the voices. If you find it bothersome, just walk to the end of the clinic and click the "Stop Voices" button. If you have a history of mental illness, particularly a psychotic disorder, you should not tour this facility. The virtual hallucinations environment has been experienced without difficulty by a few people with well-controlled schizophrenia. They found it interesting and educational. However, I don't know if experiencing a version of someone else's hallucinations is helpful or harmful. While I doubt it could induce hallucinations, I don't know for sure. So please be careful. Remember that you can quit at any time.

Nash Baldwin – aka in RL James Cook, MD MS

  • The site also requires that you wear a HUD for the experience.
  • The HUD is in the form of a badge. Right click on the yellow cylinder on the table and accept the object given to you by Nash Baldwin.
  • Next, open your inventory and drag the item called Hallucinations Badge to your avatar.
  • Next, open your inventory and drag the item called Hallucinations Badge to your avatar.
  • Your avatar is now ready to enter the site.
  • This site was designed by the University of Queensland.

After that experience you may need a break. So, our last stop for the day will be a Freebie store in SL located on Deva Loka Island.

Freebies Dungeon Loka/2/16/64

  • There are lots of Freebies here. And I mean free 0L.
  • You can find clothing, skins, and some cool gadgets and HUDS here.
  • If you are looking for educational items you can find them at my educational space located at:
  • I just started this space, but will be adding items every month.

I will be posting more self guided tours on here over the next couple of week.

Regards till my next posting,

Dembe ;-)

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