Friday, June 22, 2007

Historic NYS Educators in SL Meeting

Geck Webb aka Jeremiah Frink from Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES AccelerateU coordinated this meeting of NYS educators to get together to discuss options and collaborative projects to take place in SL and Teen SL.

The event was held at 8AM SLT on Friday, June 22, 2007 on Molesworth in SL. They used the NYSEiSL group educational space owned by Victoria Gloucester.

Educator SL avatars in attendance where:

Geck Webb, Annette Philbin, Alistar Ames, Gatortip Sinatra, Ivy Innis, Annette Philbin, Tooka Mulligan, Maqabee Mulberry, Victoria Bury, Rayven Broome, Cij Oh, Esteban Bates, Robespierre Jewell, SLJ Beck, Maggie Marat, RealityChuck Writer, Indiana Straaf.

The group of educators decided on three major areas of focus for NY Educators in SL:

  1. Schedule more regular meetings for NYSEiSL. Geck Webb will be setting this up and then hand off to others.
  2. Post educationally related projects on the SL educator wiki with the note of NYSEiSL so we can collaborate and connect inworld with our students.
  3. Write a white paper (Coordinated by Dembe Wellman) about SL, Educational Uses, Projects done with teens and financing. People interested in being involved in writing this paper are Dembe Wellman, Geck Webb, Ivy Innis, Tooka Mulligan. Dembe will be contacting them in world for their RL email address to collaborate. Dembe is starting this document on Zoho Writer.
I also created a NYSEiSL Blog for us to post meeting notes, projects and messages on as well. It is located at -

Live Chat Notes:

[8:09] Close Range: Gatortip Sinatra [30m], Tooka Mulligan [30m], Indiana Straaf [31m], Rayven Broome [31m], Victoria Bury [31m], Annette Philbin [32m], Robespierre Jewell [33m], Geck Webb [33m], RealityChuck Writer [35m], Maqabee Mulberry [35m], Esteban Bates [36m], Cij Oh [36m], SLJ Beck [36m], Maggie Marat [36m]
[8:09] Dembe: Hello
[[8:10] Maggie Marat: they have explained to me that they can only accept checks or PO's from districts who are not part of region - no personal checks
[8:10] Dembe: Hello all
[8:10] Rayven Broome: So what is the best order for collaborative projects. Concept to money or money to concept
[8:10] Gatortip Sinatra: Hmmmm...I have failed on three formal attempts to buy an island for our BOCES
[8:10] Victoria Bury: Hi Dembe :-0
[8:10] Gatortip Sinatra: I cannot get responses from Linden Labs
[8:10] Victoria Bury: :-)
[8:11] Chat Range: Magelily Yalin [4m]
[8:11] Tooka Mulligan: Welcome Dembe
[8:11] Maggie Marat: but I am blocking off most of the summer to visit districts, and present and conduct workshops regardless of which stage you are in - proposal development OR island creation OR teacher training etc
[8:11] Maggie Marat: there I am done
[8:11] Maggie Marat: LOL
[8:11] Dembe: Nobody can
[8:11] Geck Webb: Linden labs is overwhelmed and we have struggled as well.
[8:11] Dembe: however Claudia Linden is good at responding on SLED
[8:11] Gatortip Sinatra: I think the RICS ought to pitch in and buy a large island for us all to R & D
[8:11] Rayven Broome: R&D is the issue!
[8:12] Rayven Broome: DS's want instant results
[8:12] Geck Webb: At AccelerateU we have a couple of islands that we would be willing to work with people on collaboratively developing
[8:12] Maggie Marat: A suggestion - use the Land Store option and put in your tax ID number
[8:12] Geck Webb: I also know that a couple of other places (Globalkids is leading this) are looking to create an educator region
[8:12] Gatortip Sinatra: All right three cheers for Accelerate U!!!!
[8:12] Rayven Broome: what will that do?
[8:12] Maggie Marat: LL will then generate a quote for you to get a PO
[8:12] Dembe: Nice
[8:12] Dembe: Global Kids if great and do wonderful things
[8:13] Geck Webb: So the movement is out there....I think in NY it might make sense to coordinate some
[8:13] Rayven Broome: Is the Accelerate U island secure?
[8:13] Maggie Marat: FireSabre Consulting is partnering with that project
[8:13] Maggie Marat: great team
[8:13] Geck Webb: this point it is a closed island
[8:13] Dembe: agreed
[8:13] Geck Webb: However, as Maggie will tell you that has some issues that you want to watch out for
[8:13] Maggie Marat: it is really a trade off
[8:14] Rayven Broome: Just like email did all those years ago! I don't worry to much about security at this point.
[8:14] Gatortip Sinatra: I believe Kansas has an island shared by K-20 educators for R & D purposes
[8:14] Maggie Marat: if you want to absolutely guarantee your students' safety - then the closed private estate is the way to go
[8:14] Maggie Marat: however
[8:14] Rayven Broome: there was a movement in the Mid Hudson area to purchase islands as well.
[8:14] Maggie Marat: then you lose out on the cultural exchange potential of the teen grid :-(
[8:15] Rayven Broome: can you elaborate please
[8:15] Maggie Marat: and eventually - when all these regions get it together - we should push for shared security protocols so that we can at least open to each other
[8:15] Dembe: Ohh that would be so great
[8:15] Dembe: I think the DS would like that as well
[8:15] Geck Webb: I went to an office hours with Claudia linden last week to talk about these issues
[8:16] Rayven Broome: You are so far ahead of the game Maggie.
[8:16] Geck Webb: She was open to listen but realistic in when the changes will take place
[8:16] Maggie Marat: Rayven - are you clear on the difference between open and closed on the Teen Grid?
[8:16] Rayven Broome: yes thank you
[8:16] Geck Webb: Claudia Linden is linden labs -educator contact
[8:16] Dembe: yes
[8:16] Maggie Marat: Yay Claudia! Whoot!
[8:16] Maggie Marat: she has been so great !
[8:16] Dembe: Agreed
[8:17] Dembe: She gets back very quickly and monitors SLED
[8:17] Maggie Marat: but is incredibly busy now because of all the new interest
[8:17] Dembe: understandable
[8:17] Geck Webb: Claudia does well once you connect with her....cold emails don't do great
[8:17] Geck Webb: She is wonderful to work with
[8:17] Chat Range: SLJ Beck [5m]
[8:18] Maggie Marat: very organized and very Who is going to be at NECC?
[8:18] RealityChuck Writer: I'm new to the group and wonder if people go introduce themselves and what institution they are from?
[8:18] Maggie Marat: can we set up a Real Life meeting?
[8:18] Dembe: Some people arrived there today and could not be here
[8:18] Rayven Broome: Sure I would like to be a part of that
[8:18] Dembe: I am open to that
[8:18] Maggie Marat: KK
[8:18] Rayven Broome: I am not at NECC may VC in on Tuesday night for SIG meeting
[8:19] juliani Ling is Online
[8:19] Maggie Marat: my presentation is Tuesday and I hope to see you all there
[8:19] Dembe: Great!
[8:19] Rayven Broome: Is it viewable from home or office?
[8:19] Tooka Mulligan: Brian C. Smith, Instructional Technology Specialist, Monroe #1 BOCES, Model Schools Program Secretary
[8:19] Maggie Marat: then we can plan a time and place to meet?
[8:19] Maqabee Mulberry: With ACCELERATE we have bought 4 islands on TG--with the thought of adding partners who are doing R?D or pilots etc.--we would like to collaborate, share costs--ideas- progress-- etc.-- it also can alleviate and avoid the logjam of Linden in buying
[8:19] Ivy Innis: I can't make it this year - are they podcasting again?
[8:20] Tooka Mulligan: I'm looking forward to your presentation Tuesday Maggie
[8:20] Dembe: Maggie are you going to put it on Teacher Tube
[8:20] Dembe: are you being recorded
[8:20] Maggie Marat: I have so much to share they're probably going to have to get the hook out to get me to shut up LOL
[8:20] Tooka Mulligan: LOL
[8:20] Gatortip Sinatra: I like Accelerate U offers and Monroe #1 would be interested in participating....
[8:20] Maggie Marat: Dembe- do you want to handle that
[8:20] Maggie Marat: I can bring the camera LOL
[8:21] Maggie Marat: Accelerate U is a class act (no pun intended) I have participate in some of their workshops with Giselle - good stuff
[8:22] Rayven Broome: We have always been pleased with them also.
[8:22] Rayven Broome: Cij Oh do you need some help?
[8:22] Gatortip Sinatra: Where on the "map" is their island?
[8:22] Geck Webb: quick go around...just throw out there projects that you are interested students on TG for Spanish or PD or....
[8:22] Cij Oh: No I'm pouting
[8:23] Rayven Broome: OK
[8:23] Geck Webb: Things you could dream of or wish for
[8:23] Maggie Marat: I am focusing on science and ESL this year
[8:23] Geck Webb: This will help people to connect with other like minded
[8:23] Maggie Marat: the math curriculum writes itself LOL
[8:23] Rayven Broome: I want to focus on Staff development uses my first year or two
[8:23] Dembe: FYI - I will be posting this historic event on my blog for those interested and who was here
[8:24] Maggie Marat: you have my OK to post chat everyone else ok with it?
[8:24] Tooka Mulligan: much appreciated Dembe
[8:25] Esteban Bates: Maggie, I would be very interested in the science and tie to our science program at BOces1
[8:25] Maggie Marat: or easier to ask if anyone objects?
[8:25] Maggie Marat: great!
[8:26] Maggie Marat: through this kind of collaboration I am hoping to "ease" us into extending our borders
[8:27] Dembe: So where are we going to go from here?
[8:27] Rayven Broome: I have a technical question can I print our chat history?
[8:27] Dembe: Should we meet regularly to discuss NYS SL projects
[8:27] Esteban Bates: Maggie, our challenger center might be helpful in extending boarders we serve districts from buffalo to Syracuse to Corning. I am also in communication with the national challengers around the country.
[8:27] Dembe: it can be recorded
[8:27] Dembe: so can this session
[8:27] Geck Webb: Good question about where to go from here
[8:28] Rayven Broome: Yes, maybe we could add this as a component to the NYSDL Consortium meeting as well as Model School state meetings
[8:28] Dembe: I am not recording the session, but taking notes to post on blog and who was here
[8:28] Geck Webb: it sounds like we have 3 major projects that are in place----Ramapo...LHRIC and Accelerate U (did I forget anyone...or someone want to mention one now?)
[8:28] Maqabee Mulberry: there are as we know huge "readiness issues" for folks who control the $, and concerns for the PR (bad) exposures that are possible in SL-- Traveling as a group, organizing, planning together will begin to break down some of that
[8:28] Dembe: I will post an attendance for us to make contacts later
[8:28] Ivy Innis: thanks Dembe
[8:28] Maggie Marat: do tell more about Challenger Center!
[8:29] Tooka Mulligan: Yes that would be very helpful Dembe
[8:29] Dembe: Yes you can print the chat history
[8:29] Dembe: open the history tab
[8:29] Dembe: then cut and paste into word doc and print
[8:29] Dembe: just did it and it works fine
[8:29] Dembe: however there are HUD that will allow you to just record the chat history to a blog
[8:30] Geck Webb: perhaps first step is around creating a 'white paper' on SL's use...I know some have done this but working together may provide resources and beginning ocnversations around use and implementations.
[8:30] Maggie Marat: not on mac tho - SL copy and paste doesn't play nice with Word on mac - put it into an email instead
[8:30] Dembe: good to know I use both in SL
[8:30] Maggie Marat: Global Kids is doing this
[8:30] Esteban Bates: I could go on all day. Basically we do simulated space shuttle missions to mars. WE have rewritten the scenario, however to align directly to the NYS MST standards. Our website is Check out our podcasts Andy and Peter will crack you up. If you'd ever like to see the place let me know.
[8:30] Maggie Marat: and are looking for contributors - teachers lessons etc
[8:31] Victoria Bury: there is also a chat log in the C drive, if you choose to log the chat
[8:31] Maggie Marat: wonderful! TY so much!
[8:31] Esteban Bates: Anytime we love to share what we do there.
[8:32] Rayven Broome: I hate to leave this is my first chat in SL with a collaborative group. I look forward to seeing the notes from the rest of the meeting.
[8:32] Geck Webb: One good connection we have found is Ohio University (vital labs) they have been looking at MUVE's for awhile and have worked well with us to do starting out
[8:32] Victoria Bury: bye Rayven
[8:32] Geck Webb: They are very open to collaboration and understand education....have been great
[8:32] Tooka Mulligan: Thanks Rayven
[8:32] Victoria Bury: see you around soon :-)
[8:33] Maggie Marat: Are you working with Chang Liu?
[8:33] Geck Webb: So some points of action: (suggestions??)
[8:33] Geck Webb: Maggie, yes we are...he has been great
[8:33] Maggie Marat: :-)
[8:33] Maqabee Mulberry is Online
[8:33] Maggie Marat: Just met him - wonderful resource!
[8:34] Gus Plisskin is Onine
[8:34] Geck Webb: First sounds like more regular meetings would be good here....
[8:34] Geck Webb: First sounds like more regular meetings would be good here....
[8:35] Ivy Innis: I'd like to keep meeting, learn more about what everyone is doing.
[8:35] Max Chatnoir is Offline
[8:35] Tooka Mulligan: Did we get to introduce everyone?
[8:35] Dembe: agreed I think monthly
[8:35] Dembe: no
[8:35] Geck Webb: 2nd action: perhaps we post our projects to the educators wiki and make sure to label it with the NYSEiSL note so we can all know it is from here
[8:35] Victoria Bury: monthly meeting is good
[8:35] Dembe: Great idea
[8:35] Tooka Mulligan: Great Idea Geck
[8:36] Dembe: I am wiling to be the recorded for our meetings
[8:36] Tooka Mulligan: can you share the URL for everyone?
[8:36] Dembe: I am also willing to start to put together a paper for the educational USES for SL for our DS
[8:36] Dembe: if anyone is willing to work with me I would be happy to work as a team
[8:36] Chat Range: Gus Plisskin [9m]
[8:37] Tooka Mulligan: Keep me in mind Dembe
[8:37] Geck Webb: 3rd action suggestion: those interested could work on a paper to talk about its uses (affordances) challenges and possibilities...also doing some case studies of projects that have worked
[8:37] Victoria Bury: count me in too , Dembe :-)
[8:37] Ivy Innis: I'm willing to work on it Dembe
[8:37] Gus Plisskin: hi everyone
[8:37] Dembe:
[8:37] Gus Plisskin: `
[8:37] Geck Webb: maybe we can all IM Dembe to Cooridinate it and then she can get those of us interested in that to chat later
[8:37] Victoria Bury: Hi Gus
[8:37] Maggie Marat: Hi Gus
[8:37] Maggie Marat: glad you could make it!
[8:37] Dembe: That is fine with me if it sound good to Geck
[8:38] Gus Plisskin: I'll leave from here for the flight to NECC!
[8:38] Dembe: Hi Gus
[8:38] Gus Plisskin: Hi Dembe. Hi Victoria. Hey Maggie
[8:38] Victoria Bury: :-)
[8:38] RealityChuck Writer: We should introduce ourselves.
[8:39] Maggie Marat: everyone - Gus is very knowledgeable about the Global Kids Education Project
[8:39] RealityChuck Writer: I'm Chuck Rothman from Siena College and we're just looking into SL.
[8:39] Maggie Marat: I WILL LET HIM ELABORATE
[8:39] Maggie Marat: but FYI Gus we are discussing avenues for NY Se Educators to collaborate on TG
[8:39] Maggie Marat: with land, curriculum, etc
[8:40] Gus Plisskin: very cool idea
[8:40] Dembe: I am Karen Schaeffer Hincapie (Brooks) from Ulster BOCES Model Schools and author of
[8:41] Ivy Innis: Beth Wellman Bard College MAT
[8:41] Maggie Marat: Ramapo at
[8:41] Geck Webb: Jeremiah Frink--- AccelerateU---EduTech RIC
[8:41] Victoria Bury: VB-Orange Ulster BOCES Media Library
[8:41] Alistar Ames: Andrew Taylor, Ulster BOCES
[8:41] Indiana Straaf: Andy Raab, Monroe #1 BOCES... Challenger Learning Center
[8:42] Maqabee Mulberry: Jack McCabe-- Associate Supt—WFLBOCES
[8:42] Gus Plisskin: I'm Gus (RL: Fred Fuchs of FireSabre Consulting, a general SL contractor)
[8:42] Gatortip Sinatra: I thought you were the new lt. gov. of colorodo?
[8:42] Maggie Marat: and a Teen Grid expert LOL
[8:42] Esteban Bates: steve orcutt: MST program leader Monroe #1 BOCES ( )
[8:43] Robespierre Jewell: Peter Robson,Monroe #1 BOCES- BUBL Project
[8:43] Tooka Mulligan: Since people are plugging there websites... Model Schools Wiki (Technology Help/Tutorials)
[8:44] Gus Plisskin: shameless plug v2.0: I posted info on the Firesabre-Global Kids Virtual World Campus on our website. It covers some of how we plan to help educators setup more easily and share ideas and content
[8:44] Gus Plisskin: these could work for a NY group as well
[8:44] Dembe: can you give us the url
[8:45] Dembe: thanks
[8:45] Geck Webb: from this meeting we have 3 action items....and then many...many side conversations (which was the purpose for this anyway :)
[8:45] Gus Plisskin:
[8:46] Dembe: Are we meeting again?
[8:46] Geck Webb: 1- schedule more regular meetings I offer to set up the next one and then hand off to others) 2- post projects on the SL educator wiki with the note of NYSEiSL 3- white paper (coordinated by Dembe)
[8:47] Geck Webb: others???
[8:47] Dembe: Sounds good
[8:47] Dembe: great start
[8:47] Geck Webb: or adjustments to the 3 I had gathered
[8:47] Dembe: nope
[8:47] Maggie Marat: wonderful!
[8:48] Geck Webb: url for the wiki for projects:
[8:48] Maggie Marat: Thanks Dembe for taking this on
[8:49] Geck Webb: ok....I don't want to stop the chatting if you want, but I know some of us have other things back in the 1st life to attend unless there are other items for the 'meeting' I think this was great!
[8:49] Geck Webb: Don't forget to take snapshots and offer friendship to people before you go
[8:49] Ivy Innis: Dembe - definitely - there is a lot of interest right now
[8:50] Dembe: FYI I have land adjacent to this and I put educational items on it for free for others to take
[8:50] Dembe: for teaching
[8:50] Tooka Mulligan: cool
[8:51] Victoria Bury: Dembe can I have a LM of that please ?
[8:51] Dembe: yes
[8:51] Maggie Marat: see everyone at NECC tomorrow (I arrive in the evening -) I'm off to the Real LiIfe Dentist UGH!
[8:51] Tooka Mulligan: I arrive Sunday afternoon at NECC
[8:51] Geck Webb: Thanks are the start of most of this!!!
[8:51] Gus Plisskin: I arrive in about 3 hours :)
[8:51] Dembe: It is on the listing under Dembe Wellman’s Educational Place
[8:52] Tooka Mulligan: Thanks for sharing Maggie.
[8:52] Geck Webb: oh yeah...did we decide on an SL at NECC meeting for those going?
[8:52] Victoria Bury: ok Dembe :-)
[8:52] Geck Webb: or are we just going to conenct at the NYSCATE reception?
[8:52] Dembe: and
[8:54] Geck Webb: bye everyone...thanks for coming!!!

Regards till my next posting,
Dembe ;-)

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