Saturday, June 16, 2007

Educational Items

Dembe has decided to put up some educational items for educators on her land. These items are tools that can be used in SL for teaching and learning. Please stop by Dembe Wellman’s Educational Space at and check these items out. There may be something here you need. She will be changing the items on the parcel on a monthly basis, as well as showcasing items that may be purchases by SL designers (A landmark will be given for these specific items to purchase in SL). In June, the following items will be available for Educators:

Answering Machine
Quiz Show Button Controller
School Work Desk
Stop All Animations HUD
Avatar Radar Hud
Book – Pictures can be uploaded to each page.
Media Player/movie screen
Female Avatar Shapes and Skins
Handheld 4.0 device
Working Chess Table
Online Tracker
Visitor Counter

Check back – I will be adding other items and showcasing items all month. Educational items will change in July.

Regards till my next post,
Dembe ☺


Milosun Czervik said...

So this turns out to be the same kind of thing that the ICT Library (Information & Communications Technology Library) has been doing on Info Island since late Spring 2006. I'll sure to check that I have the tools you list - I want the ICT Library to stay up-to-date!

If you want to see the educational resources of the ICT Library on the web, go to:



Dembe Wellman said...

Thanks for the Slurl I will be sure to go. I have found the resources there to be great in the past. I am also trying to learn to write HUDs and hopefully a tutorial on them. Hopefully it will be by September. ;-)

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