Thursday, July 5, 2007 is Here!

There is a new place on the Web for Educational Videos entitled EdTube! It was born on June 9th 2007 - so educators - show your support

I learned about edtube today while visiting This is another great concept.

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Dembe ;-)


Ryan Bretag/Existential Paine said...

Hi Dembe:

This is an interesting find and I wonder how well it will do given Teacher Tube (

What are your thoughts? Is it better for us to use a wiki that pulls from YouTube or better to use a site like TeacherTube? Is there room for both?

Dembe Wellman said...

Teacher tube was developed in February of 2007 and EdTube is brand new. It was just developed in June of 2007.

I think both are a great idea. Only time will tell how each evolve.

Personally, I think people are more comfortable with the concept of Teacher Tube and less comfortable with the concept of a wiki. But wiki's are becomming more and more popular, especially the educational wikispaces. Given time I think they may both evolve. I think they will have different appeal to different educators.

Look for you in world.

Thanks for reading,

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