Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hillary's Campaign has been set up in SL

Yes, I visited it on July 4th. Hillary Clinton now has a SL Campaign Headquaters located at This is a mature sim. (I guess this is good in case Bill gets an avatar - LOL)

I visited this location and was very impressed - The location was very pixally. They give a good background on Hillary's past, life as First Lady, as Senator and some of her recent speeches. There is even a group in SL entitled Hillary4President that individuals can join and help with the campaign. However, I think Edwards campaign HQ site was set up more clearly regarding political position and election platform. I think this needed to be a little more clear at Hilary's campaign HQ and maybe just a little less glitz. There was a donation jar for campaign contributions and Hillary had about 5800L in the jar thus far. :-)

While at the Campaign HQ, I was able to pick up a Hillary yard sign, Hillary Shirt and Hillary Jacket. :-) I was disappointed that they did not offer sneakers like the Edwards camp!:-(

This HQ was on a wonderful beach setting and was designed like a beautiful resort beach. Hillary's HQ in SL was very active and had a lot of avatars visiting and dancing. There was even a DJ playing music for the 4th of July celebration. Many avatars danced at the HQ as a result. However, I did not see anyone reading the information on Hillary or view any of the videos about her on the other side of the HQ. Maybe they did it before they went dancing like I did. :-)

I can not wait to see some of the others HQ once they are set up in SL! SL 2008 should be great!

Regards till my next post,
Dembe ;-)

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