Monday, July 9, 2007

Vassar Island is Great!

Wow, I went to Vassar Island over the weekend - it was wonderful.
They even provided a great sand box for building and sample designs for building.

The above is one of the studio are classrooms on Vassar Island.

This was absolutely my favorite - The replica Sistine Chapel. It was fantastic. They even make individual that wish to enter sign an agreement that they will abide by island and chapel rules. This was a very nice touch.

Above is the sign indicating that an agreement would have to be signed in order to enter the Sistine Chapel.

I love the castle on Vassar Island. Anyone who has been to the Vassar campus in Poughkeepsie, NY will love Vassar Island Castle.

In the castle on the top floor they have a Great Room to host events!

In the castle, just like on the campus there is a small art museum with beautiful works from a variety of different artists and periods.

The castle is also home to a library and Vassar View Book that was created through THINc tools. :-) Very nice touch.

There were classrooms in the castle and outside the castle as well. It has been designed as a great area for learning and exploring. I highly recommend visiting Vassar Island at the following:

Vassar Island
Vassar Island
Castle Vassar
Vassar Amphitheater
Media Garden #1
Media Garden #2
Media Gardens #4
Outdoor Seminar Area
Course Area B
Sistine Chapel Re-Creation

Regards till my next post,
Dembe ;-)

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