Saturday, July 28, 2007

Madison Avenue to Conversation Starter - SL Hot is Either Way

Harvard Business Online Published the aboce article entitled The Demise of Second Life. This article sites Wired's Madison Avenue article. It also links to Times article naming SL one of the 5 Worst Websites. And finally it points and connects to Forbes July article bashing of sex and pranks and vandalism on SL.

Harvard Business Online comes to SL's rescue saying the inworld corporate presense is just not enough! They also sing the praises of virtual worlds stating, "companies will end up creating (and governing) their own online 3D environments -- for example, standalone virtual shopping malls where users can meet with the avatars of real-world friends, try on virtual clothing, and make purchases of the real-world equivalent. It would be a grave mistake to dismiss the notion of marketing and selling in virtual worlds simply because of the shortcomings of Second Life."

This is an article to read - Business are leaving - gambling is being forbidden - Wow, if we can get rid of sex, porn and griefers, then SL would just be left to educators, Museums and educational simulations. What a great inworld that would be!


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