Thursday, July 5, 2007

First Officially Sponsored Presidential Campaign in SL

Yes, it is true. The first official campaign sponsored by a presidential hopeful has entered SL. It belongs to Sen. Mike Gravel (D).

Sen. Mike Gravel's Campaign headquarters is located at of Intrigue2/143/208/701. This is a PG sim. I personally like the fact the HQ is located on a PG sim. This campaign site was excellent, very well designed. Upon arrival, I was immediately welcomed by Legoean Ferraris, an avatar volunteer and a person that actually works at Gravel's RL campaign Headquarters. I was asked if I had any questions he could answer about Sen. Gravel's campaign. I was very impressed with the well. His platform was easy to find and see what his position is on each topic. The layout of the location was excellent. Before I left, I was approached by another volunteer, Astrophysicist McCallister, also an avatar volunteer and from the RL headquarters, asking if I need any additional information. This campaign HQ was a class act and smoothly ran in SL - Kudos to the developers and those who set it up. I must add again that out of all the campaigns' in SL - Sen. Gravel's is the only one that is Officially sponsored by the RL Gravel Campaign HQ. This also explains the smooth operation and excellent design.

It was also shared with me, by Astrophysicist McCallister, that the Second Choices Blog and Medialoper Blog - cover SL politics. It was also shared that Sen Gravel plans on making a presence in world!!!! His avatar name is Smike Graves - This can be confirmed on his official website

By the way Senator Gravel's education stand point is (taken from a note card on the site HQ):

==Senator Mike Gravel====On Education==

* No Child Left Behind has left far too many children behind. We have a dire situation in America; 30% of our kids do not graduate from high school. Nearly a third of our children are condemned to a substandard economic existence.

* Education in America must be properly funded. However, money will not solve all the problems. Washington D.C. ranks first in dollars spent, yet ranks last in achievement. We need to approach education comprehensively. We must properly fund education while raising the overall standard of living in America and making education a vital part of a healthy, thriving community.

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