Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Meeting some Builders in SL

Many of us have heard of the Electronic Sheep Company or, but I have had the opportunity to meet a few builders in SL and look at their designs as well in SL. These individuals are just a sampling of the many talented people building and creating in the virtual world of SL.

First is Firefly Bates, who is very talented and very sweet. Firefly took Dembe on a tour of her creations for Dembe's Blog.

Above you see Dembe and Firefly on the third floor of her Ice Castle. To me, it reminded me of the Ice Hotel. ( or This ice castle is also complete with a few fireplaces.

In the above picture you see Firefly showing Dembe one of the Bedrooms in the Ice Castle.
Front view of the beach house. The next house we went on tour to.

Here we look at the property from the back. Again, this property is a beach house in a Snow Village. It is currently for rent at a low $400 Lindens a week. Renters can rent it and place up to 250 Prims (Max) of items in this house.

It comes complete with a virtual hot tub bar for all seasons.

This is the first floor of the beach house. You see Firefly looking at some family photos in the background.
This beach house has three floors. From this view we are on the second floor, which over looks the main entrance and living room. The blinds on the windows open and close.

This is the third floor of the beach house. On the ceiling are two sets of blinds that open and close as well.

Firefly currently has a new home not far from here. It is just walking distance up the mountain. Above you see her new entrance lounging area.

These windows Firefly created as a privacy panel for her bathroom and as a changing area in her home. They are very pretty. To enter the room, your avatar can just walk through the glass to get in and out.

Of course, the new home has to have the same amenities as the previous. Therefore, this house is also equipt with a hot tub as you can see above.

She also wanted a larger house to have room for all her virtual pets. She currently has three animated dogs. Above you can see Fireball and Snowball running around the floor. The older dog does tricks such as lay, sit, beg, etc. She also has two birds.

And how could I forget the horse. lol

Before we move on to the next builder, I will show you her new bedroom, which you can see above, complete with dog bed.

KM and Dembe where on an adventure and came along this interesting space station, which has wonderful animations and spaceships. The designers seen above, are both from Spain.

This was the inside of the space station. It converts into a galaxy simulator, which you can view space, the planets and the galaxies. Very interesting and very cool simulation.

This is the spaceship port. With the click of a button, it instantly converts to open air for crafts to take off and land.

KM even got to fly the Millennium Falcon replica.

KM and I met both of these individual in our journeys over the past month in SL.

Regards till my next blog,

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