Thursday, February 8, 2007

Picks for February 8th

Well, to start, I must give the island Supportforhealing a rating of 5. This was a beautiful island with a lot of useful information. "Supportforhealing is a group of people that believe that recovery from depression, emotional trauma and illness can be greatly enhanced by loving, kindness and friendship." What a wonderful idea on SL.

You will see Dembe to the left as she overlooks the island and many of its features and meditation areas.

This whole island, which is a beautiful and relaxing paradise is a wealth of resources to help people. They have two resources - supportforhealing island in Second Life and a Real Life website, Both resources are completely free and open to anyone who needs them 24/7.

Above you can see Dembe taking part in some of the things the island has to offer besides medication, yoga and classes. Dembe has gone for a relaxing swim and is floating in water that is about 12 feet deep. What a neat virtual experience.

This island functions on a completely donation basis. There is even a Support For Healing Group residents can join. Members of this group even includes Philip Linden and 506 other SL Residents this group likes to boast about. The island even publishes a monthly newsletter, which published support group meetings and other types of trainings the island offers by members for the month. It even has an individual that will teach people how to play the ancient game of Go. "Go originated in China sometime between the 10th and 4th century BC. It is unmatched by any other game for it's combination of simple rules and deep subtle game play."

I highly recommend this place in SL. I must add it is even available for SL weddings. :-) If only I had know in October of 2006.


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