Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Website for Kids: Webkinz and The Merbs

Okay, Second life definately is not for kids. But we know they want into SL. Teen Second Life is better for the adolescent, but are they ready for Second Life? Are there social networking skills up to speed? Do they have the Internet literacy and safety skills?

Well leave it to a few entreprenuers to figure out a way to get kids socially ready for this at the elementary age. Regardless if kids are ready, these types of sites are beginning to emerge and a new generation of teaching/learning/gaming is emerging. Take a look at and and Both are exemplary for school age kids/

At take the tour by clicking the Tour button on the buttom left of the screen.

At Precision Math (, "The Spoils of Civilization was created as a supplement to many mathematics curriculum's. The supplement was specifically designed to illustrate applications of math topics that are usually covered in secondary mathematics classes. The Spoils of Civilization provides a classroom teacher with a constant reference point to make math topics relevant to life. The game was also created in such a fashion that is produces a wide variety of data that allows students to generate statistics for mathematical and economic analysis.

The structure revolves around the population of the Merbs. The Merbs build an economy through the production and trading of resources. The algorithm behind the game provides a realistic representation of how an economy grows and changes. The students can play the game as a separate exercise or can utilize classroom activities to earn more currency in the game. Once game rules are understood, the game can be played in a single class period or over the course of an entire year!"

There are many other programs such as there that are beginning to appear daily on the Internet. The above are definately worth a look at by any level educator.

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