Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Linden and Avatars

Linden's what exactly are they. Okay, as in RL (Real Life) you need to have money in SL as well. Linden's are a currency for this virtual world. SL has its own cyber economy. Linden dollars is based on an exchange rate from L$ to US$. This exchange rate floats according to a real market in SL. For more information on Lindens and the creation of SL go to

When you join, You get to choose and Avatar. Dembe is an Avatar. An Avatar is the way you look to others in SL. This Avatar can be a generated pre-made Avatar from SL or you can make your Avatar look any way you want. An Avatar is just a resident in SL and can take any form. It is how you wish to represent yourself in SL.

For those of you that can not get enough of SL, you can read the official SL blog at


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