Thursday, February 22, 2007

Disasters in SL

Yes, disasters in SL. They do occur. There seems to be no undo button in SL. Therefore, when you save a change it is permanent. Just as in RL some changes are good and some changes are bad.

Above, you see Dembe's new look. She had some plastic surgery in SL today. lol She recoved quickly. She also found makeup in SL today. This change was a positive one on her visual appearance. But what happens when you have a slip of a key and accidentally hit "drop item" or "delete" by accident and the item is gone for good. Then disaster has entered SL. Those words send chills down my spine just typing them.

Above, you see Dembe assisting Victoria rebuild her house on her First Land in SL. Victoria's first land was hit by a natural disaster in SL. She accidentally hit the delete key and dropped her house. This meant she had to rebuild her house again. For, Victoria, this was the third house in a one week time period. Interestingly, in SL you are limited to the number of prims you can have on First Land. First Land is 512 square meters (M2). On this, your avatar can have about 117 prims. This means you need a low prim house if you want to acquire items for that home. Victoria needed to find a house under 30 prims and found this lovely Japanese style home. So remember, when furnishing your home or rental, remember to buy objects with low prims.

I was hoping to acquire First Land in SL. However, First Land - is no more, Linden announced that it will no longer issue First Land because people where buying it and reselling it at a profit and it was not being used as intended. Therefore, people can buy parcels of an island or an island itself now until Linden decides what it is doing next regarding First Land. Linden Labs announced that it will give educational discounts to educational organizations and not for profit organizations that can prove. According to the SL Education page, "We (Linden Labs) offers a discount for Private Islands to educational institutions and non-profit organizations, and you can find details on the Private Island order page. You can also optionally buy a plot of land on the mainland of Second Life if you want something smaller and permanent (we don't offer any educational/non-profit discount for such plots)."

Just as in RL, neighbors in SL can be a pain. Victoria thought her land was locked to neighbors. It was not until this nice neighbor showed up on her porch asking for a favor, that we realized the land had loop holes. It use to be that neighbors would knock on your door and ask to borrow a cup of flour or sugar. Not in SL, they ask you to try to access things on them so that your avatar gets thrown 20 meters. However, they forget to tell you these little things when asking for a favor.

Interestingly, people will ask you to do things in SL just like in RL, especially friends. They will not explain, they will just say, "Trust me." Two little words in RL that make me cringe when I hear them. In SL, I know what can happen can be a lot worse than in RL.

As a result, Victoria decides to float her house up in the air 700 meters high. After she sent her house up, she created these two boxes and said, "Trust me." Again those words. Oh, these famous last words. Next, I knew my avatar was rocketing 700 meters high in the sky!!! As you see above, the boxes landed in the middle of her house. I was very impressed with her rocketing ability and accuracy. I know I would never have been that calm or trusting in RL.

Once we where sure the house was doing well and secure in the air, Victoria added the pretty ghost lights that pass by the house. It is a pretty setting and shows a SL full day of work as you can see the Sun setting in the background. Victoria's house is so high up that you can not even see the ground. The only way to get to her house is to have it set in your profile as a pick to teleport to. Otherwise, Victoria has to teleport you in. Pretty neat!! Wouldn't that trick be nice in real life to help prevent unwanted company. :-)

Now that Vicotria's house was rebuilt, it was time for the finishing touches. These included decorating and placing some trees, gardens and we can not forget the guest bedroom. However, with all this in mind, we have to remember that we need to keep the prims low, under a total of 117. The lower the prims on items the more stuff one avatar can have. :-)

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