Thursday, February 22, 2007

Show and Tell in SL

Yes, I said, Show and Tell in SL. This Show and Tell is sponsored by ISTE and is put on so educators can share what each other what they are doing and how they are using SL for teaching and educational purposes. This is a fabulous event sponsored by ISTE and I highly recommend it to any educator.

Above, you see Dembe and Victoria watching the first presenter. The first presenter was from the Chicago Public Schools. Her SL name is Elaine Tulip. She has found a way to create books in SL through the THiNC Program. They create story books by using jpegs in PowerPoint. For 10 Lindens, these presentation images can be uploaded to SL. Each photo albumn can conatin up to 1000 pages. These books created are on Eduisland in the Talis Building in the Cybra Library on the second floor. Anyone may view these books.

In between these two presenters was Decka Mah (her SL name). She has found a way to blog directly to her blogger account from SL, called Blog on the run. A picture was not available for this presenter. My computer was not cooperative with my avatars camera and kept shutting down the SL program at this point in time. Decka's blog can be viewed at .

Above is Albert Leidesdorff. He is doing remarkable things teaching chemistry and physics in SL. To his right you will see the compound for cellophane. He is developing a way for his student to manipulate and build these compounds in SL and then see how they interact. He is currently looking for science teacher to work with him. He may be reached at his URL at

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