Thursday, February 8, 2007

We Meet for Work in SL

Our office was out in the field (all of us at different locations as usual) and we decided to meet quickly in SL at Eduisland to discuss matters of work. We took a picture of this historical moment to remember it by. Alistar Ames, our boss in RL, is the camera ham on the left, as usual. :-) To my right is Milamber Taurog.

It was nice meeting and talking this way rather than on the phone or just a plain old boring IM.

We decided to try for another picture of the office staff. Only one person missing and we are waiting for them to join SL. (Hint-Hint -Hint - if they are reading.)

And still Alistar strikes another pose and Milamber refuses to look at the camera. Imagine what I have to put up with in RL? Yes, Alistar and Milamber I know you are reading this. ;-)

Our meeting was good and we all teleported in from our exploring of SL. Alistar expressed an article he found online entitled, "Universities Register for Virtual Future" on Look for more on this article under my news links if you are interested.

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