Monday, February 12, 2007

Everybody Needs A Friend

Just like in real life, everybody needs a friend, someone they can rely on, talk to, lean on and even explore with. We see Dembe above surrounded by all his real life stuffed friends. :-)

And just like in real life, sometimes in SL you have to stop and smell the roses and just look around and have fun. Since the past couple of days was part of the weekend, I strayed from my mission of educational purposes for SL and decided to have some fun with SL friends. We did the things we do in RL.

In SL, some of the people I meet tend to be a little more flamboyant. For example, I met James Bond and Darth Vader on IBM 10. Darth challenger James to a light saber battle, which we found very entertaining. We even chatted for a while with a member of the crew from Star Trek Enterprise, Jaymen. A real mover and shaker on IBM 10. Although, he was having difficulty standing. He teleported before he stood up from his last location in SL and his Avatar seemed to have gotten locked in place. He tried to log on and off, but it did not help. He was able to correct it by flying up over 80 feet in SL and his Avatar reset itself. Good thinking Jaymen. To Dembe's left is her buddy KM. They tend to go on the most explorations together in SL and have found it safer to explore together. :-) Not to mention they enjoy chatting with each other as well.

There are even days in SL that you feel invisible as in RL. That is in SL thanks to grid problems. Here in front of the money tree, you can see my sun glasses only, but I am invisible, but only to myself. Other Avatars could see me. However, other Avatars could not see themselves either, but I could see them. Does seem to parallel RL at times. :-/

Yes, there really are money trees in SL. You can pick money from them. My RL job is enough for me. But for those over achievers, you can get a job in SL or even open up a store to sell items in SL only. In the last 24 hours, over 1M US dollars has been spent in SL, "US$ Spent Last 24h: $1,104,215". There is a real economy in here.

Just as in RL, we sometimes like to change our appearance, so do our Avatars in SL. Below is a picture of KM and Dembe meeting up and getting ready for a days adventure in SL.

But, before we left on our journey for the evening, KM had something to show Dembe.

KM decided to show Dembe something "really cool". He showed Dembe another side of his personality and his alter Avatar ego. Even as a Star Wars fan, Dembe was a little cynical of the change at first, but later changed her mind. It seems when the two went shopping for First Land later in the weekend, KM's alter Avatar came in very handy and to Dembe's rescue. This is a whole other blog entry and story regarding Dembe and KM's adventures in acquiring First Land. Dembe's mantra, another day, another blog.

Conversation and time seems to go very quickly with KM. We spent four hours (real time) exploring on Saturday. Okay - since it was the weekend one of the places we decided to hit was the beach. KM knew of a great location and teleported both Avatars to the beach to relax. Don't you just love a man that plans ahead. They spent all day at the beach; in SL that can be 10 minutes. :-)

As you can see we got into our beach attire.

However, the water was infested with Sharks so Dembe decided to just lounge around and let her Avatar get some sun, while KM was a little adventurous and entered the water.

Dembe is in desperate need of a tan. The best part of the whole deal - no sand in her bathing suit in SL. :-)

Since Dembe was having so much fun, KM decided to join her in getting a tan. While they baked the conversation continued into the evening.

But, as with all good things, the night had to come to an end. Bed time was quickly approaching and Dembe needed to get her beauty rest. So they departed until their next adventure together in SL, which will most likely be in a couple of days.

So it seems in SL we have the same need for friends and adventure.

Friends go over to each others houses to relax and have fun. Above you see Victoria and I relaxing and meditating. She acquired First Land on Friday and we where enjoying her new front pouch. :-)

Yes, and we have to clean in SL as well. Inventory is another item that needs to be organized and looked through frequently. It is like our closets and drawers in RL. They can both get out of control after awhile if left unattended.

Until my next blog, regards,

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