Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day in SL

Well, it is Valentine's Day in SL and RL. Not too big a deal here in RL, but in SL Valentine's Day is surprisingly a very big event. Basically in New England (in RL), we have been snowed in on Valentine's Day. Good thing for SL, it gave many of us entertainment for the day in between feeding our horses, snowmobile riding and shoveling out our cars in RL. However, in SL, we could enjoy a nice warm day and watch a sailing race with colleagues from different institutions in RL.

But lets see how the day started. In my home it was a 6:00AM, the phone rang with a call expressing that offices would be closed today because of the inclement weather. So, to decide what to do - I of course went to the money tree in Nantucket to pick money.

Early this morning, Dembe and Milamber met up at the Money Tree in Nantucket. Very similar to RL. Usually when these to meet up at work it has to do with money and is a pay day. How appropriate they do the same in SL. LOL :-)

Just as in RL a person has to make money in SL. However, for those of us that feel they day job is enough, we go to Bravo Bravo to the Master Money Tree Directory of all Money Trees in SL. You can see a picture of this above. Dembe is trying to decide which tree to teleport to next to pick from. Unfortunately, some trees will only let members that are younger than 30 days on SL pick from them. Others need to to registered, paying members of SL to pick. SO even with Money Trees, the task of picking Lindens can be timely and difficult.

After a time consuming morning of picking about 25 Lindens, Dembe met up with some of her colleagues to discuss how SL could be used in some of the Graduate courses we all teach. It was easier for us to all meet up at Victoria's Second Life home since it was not snowing in SL. Above you see Victoria with Dembe, Shelley and Marie.

It was nice meeting up with Shelley in SL. She is center in the picture above. Dembe does not get to see Shelley that much in RL. Seeing her today was a nice treat. In addition she paid Dembe a nice compliment. SHe did not know if "Dembe was sexier or the real life me." Thank you Shelley. :-)

After talking business for awhile, Victoria suggested we head from Molesworth over to Nantucket to watch the sailing races. You see Dembe above flying over the starting line.

Victoria and Shelley quickly joined her in watching the race.

However, for this trio, watching the races was just not enough. They decided to go on their own sailing adventure putting Victoria's expert sailing skills to use.

The trio sailed for a while and decided to stop when they bumped into an island with a golf course. Dembe was the first to fly off the boat to get a closer look and explore the island.

Quickly realizing that the course was not a public course and the green fees where way to high for our SL wallets, the trio teleported to Nantucket to watch the end of the sailing race.

It was at this point that Milamber decided to join us. We are at the finish line in the picture above waiting for the sail bots to arrive.

Milamber, as you can see in the picture, got very excited and jumped up when he thought the race was about to end. He couldn't wait to see which virtual SL sailor had won. AT this point, Dembe decided to call it a day so she could go get ready to meet up with KM for the evening.

KM had IMed her and requested to teleport her to his location where he had many surprises for the evening. The first was his attire. They met on Bali Hai a beautiful island with lots of activities.
First they went to the movies to see Gremlins. Surprisingly, there was nobody else but them in the theater.

The KM surprised Dembe with a beautiful bouquet of virtual roses for Valentine's Day. What could he possible do to top this?

Next, KM took Dembe to a dance hall on Bali Hai where they both had their first virtual slow dance. Again, the dance hall was empty. It was as if KM had rented out a whole island in SL for us to spend the day.

What a perfect way to end a Virtual Valentine's Day. Well it is off to celebrate Valentine's Day in RL.

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