Monday, March 12, 2007

The 1Linden Skin

Do you want great looking, realistic skin like Dalphy Beaumont?

The good news is 1L skin does exist in SL and after reading this blog entry, you will know where to get it as well.

The above skin Dalphy is wearing is a 1Linden skin from Nyte N Day. They have this as a special. Most of their skins like the above cost about 4000L. For an additional 1Linden, they also have a shapes pack. Dalphy has on Shape 1. Nyte N Day is located at isle/52/103/49

Other places to get 1Linden skins are:
Skins and Shapes by Platinum, located at
Cheap Skins by Charlotte Hausdorff, located at

This one is totally free:
Avatar Essentials, located at Shire/118/248/22

This one is not actually a skin, it is an illuminator and dembe wears it - looks great and is totally Free! Real SKIN Skin Designs, located at
In the picture below, Dembe is wearing the illuminator.

Happy Skin Shopping!

Until my next blog,

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