Monday, March 12, 2007

1st Place to Visit on SL after Creation and Orientation

Okay - you joined SL and you have go through the orientation as seen above, now where do you go.

Many avatars head over to Help Island. It has a few freebies and many excellent tutorials on building, etc.

But, now your avatar needs "stuff". This "stuff" in SL costs Lindens, which is money. Again, there is a real economy in SL.

Dembe and Dalphy both visited the New Citizens Plaza. They have a host of FREE stuff at this location. Since this is a must stop, it has been added to the Educator Survival Pack to the right.

At this location you can get for FREE, not 1L, FREE the following items:

Note cards on:
  • How to alter appearance.
  • How to open objects
  • How to script and build
  • How to fly
  • etc.

Boxes full of Free:
  • Avatars - Metal Dragon, Ghost, etc
  • Costumes - Wonder Woman, Zena Warrior Princess, Prince, Princess, etc.
  • Ethnic Avatars
  • Skins - Male and Female
  • Clothing - Male and Female
  • Gadgets
  • Hair
  • Houses
  • Cars
  • etc.
This a must visit stop for the new Avatar and SL user. I would have to give this local a 4 star because of it ease of use and helpfulness in tutorials.



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