Sunday, March 11, 2007

Meet Dalphy Beaumont

Above, meet Dalphy Beaumont, she is Dembe's alt. Dalphy is a Purple Fairy that will be working on Hudson Islands in the Teen Grid. She is being created now, and so are the islands. When Dalphy is transfered over, she will have undergone FBI clearance of her user, Linden Clearance of her user, and when she reaches Hudson Islands, she will be there forever and never able to return to the Adult SL grid.

She needs to pack now and take everything with her on this journey. If you have any educational items you would like to donate to Dalphy for her trip or recommendations for things she should take - she would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

Packing for this is like packing for being placed on a desert island for the rest of your life. The only thing you will have for your islands is what you bring in your inventory to the teen grid and what you can create yourself on Hudson Islands. The Hudson Islands will be isolated. Student avatars and the teachers avatars will never be able to leave. Visitors will never be allowed to enter without clearance and permission. However, these visitor avatars must be educators and stay forever as well.

In the above picture of Dalphy, and I must say the only Dalphy on SL - is wearing a 1L body, a 1L skin and 100L hair. The clothing was also 1L. The cost of the total look is 103L. The remainder of her money was spent on educational supplies. Dalphy also recieved a free hair pack from a hair creator that matches her look.

Over the next week, Dalphy and Dembe will be sharing their avatar beauty secrets for economical choices and looking great! So watch for these SLUrls.

Until then,

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