Friday, March 30, 2007

Who Would You Like To Be?

The above is a link to a great CBS News cast about SL. "Second Life is an on-line virtual world that is more than a game, where people can live out many of their fantasies. David Pogue explores this new world of internet wish fulfillment mixed with money." In this newscast, there is even an interview with CEO Phillip Rosedale.

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DrZsuzsa said...

Great blogsite! The educator survival pack has been very helpful to a newbie in SL, also exploring educational possibilities. The links are very comprehensive (the only thing I didn't see were recommendations on how to walk more like a person/where to get good animation overrides). Thanks so much! I look forward to exploring the links further (so much here that I'll need to come back many more times :-)

Dembe Wellman said...

Watch for updates. :-) I will be posting on the Paradise Blanket shortly. :-)

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