Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Professional Attire in SL; Where Do I Find a Suit?

One thing you do not see a lot on in SL is business clothing. It is also not very easy to find. Yes, there are some high end stores like Blaze. But, 1000L on a suit in SL? Seems a little high for Dembe.

This blog entry is dedicated to locating women's business suits at an economical price. (On a side note, if you are looking to open a business in SL, cheap business attire or just business attire is very hard to find.)

I decided to start my quest for a suit in the search feature of SL. I limited the search to shopping and chose both pg and mature regions to look. I searched the word "suit." Amazing what comes up in a general search using the word "suit." I went to every store listed in SL for having suits. The shops below offered suits for SL at a reasonable price ranging from 100L to 250L. This seems more reasonable that what some other places have been charging.

The first place I came across that had reasonable business clothing was a shop called Opium Everyday. This shop was located on Alpha Centauri http://slurl.comsecondlife/alpha centauri/223/2/27. I purchased a 100L grey suit from this store and a stocking pack for 75L. Both where a great bargain.

Next, I found a place called Adored Clothing located on Alhena This store also has a group you can be added to so you could get an IM when new clothing is available. The suits in this store where 100L to 200L. There was a nice selection of colors and styles. On a side note, this store had Halloween costumes next to their suits. Nothing like planning early. I know Valentine's Day was gigantic in SL, can't wait to see what Halloween is like! Below is a picture of Dembe in a suit she purchased from this store.

My favorite pick was IndustriElle - First Impressions on Shepherd Dembe got better service in this SL store than her user does in RL. Sugar Punk, 1/2 owner altered my suit for me on the spot to make sure Dembe had a perfect fit and length suit. There was no extra charge for these alterations.

Suits ranged in price from 100L to 250L. There as also a wonderful selection of styles in this store of business suits and Fatpacks of pants and blouses for business. Needless to say, Dembe has a number of suits from this store. Below is a picture of Dembe in a suit from this store. This store also offers freebies, such as the glasses she is wearing, earrings and necklace.

This store also has a group called First Impressions you can join for store updates, information and specials.

The above three stores are the only three I would recommend at this point in time in SL for quality low cost business attire for women in SL. For men, it looks like your best selection is at Blaze on Glory at

If you would like to share some locations for excellent business and professional attire at reasonable Linden prices, then please blog back.

Until my next blog,

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