Monday, March 5, 2007

Pathfinders Inworld Office and Linden Village

As educators, we need to know about Pathfinder and where we can locate him.
Above is Pathfinders inworld office location.


His email:

You can find Pathfinders office hours (And some other Lindens) at


FYI: Pathfinder is very hard to get in touch with.

Webistes about Pathfinder:

Pathfinders role is
to help the real life educator community and run the Campus:Second Life program.

"One place you can often find Lindens these days is an area on the mainland called the "Linden Village". Pathfinder Linden originally started the Village because he felt it was important for Lindens to be seen and noticed, giving Residents an opportunity to learn more about Lindens by exploring thier homes. The Village also gives Lindens a chance to own land next to each other, thereby creating meetings spaces where they can interact with Residents. Additionally, the Village is intentionally located immediately around the Waterhead Welcome Area which encourages exploration by new Residents."

Linden Village Photostream
See snapshots of the diverse and colorful Linden Village! Any Resident who's taken photos is welcome to contribute too.

Some Important Linden Village Locations

Linden Village Main Landing Point

Balloon Tour

Linden Office Building

Real Life Education in Second Life - Meeting Space

Linden Homes and Offices found in Linden Village(63 Lindens)
Amber Linden
Aura Linden
Babbage Linden
Beast Linden
beez Linden
Betsy Linden
Blue Linden
Brent Linden
Bub Linden
Callum Linden
Chiyo Linden
Claudia Linden
Cube Linden
Cyn Linden
Dan Linden
Doug Linden
Data Linden
Don Linden
Dee Linden
Dustin Linden
Eric Linden
Flashpoint Linden
Fritz Linden
Frontier Linden
George Linden
Gulliver Linden
Harmony Linden
Hermia Linden
Ian Linden
Jack Linden
Jean Linden
Jeff Linden
Jeska Linden
Jesse Linden - office hours posted onsite
Jill Linden
Joe Linden
Jose Linden
Karen Linden
Kelly Linden
Kona Linden
Lawrence Linden
Liana Linden
Lizzie Linden
Logan Linden
Lucy Linden
Matthew Linden
Mia Linden
MichaelFrancis Linden
Milo Linden
Neo Linden
Nora Linden
Pathfinder Linden - office hours posted onsite
Philip Linden
Red Linden
Rika Linden
Rob Linden - office hours posted onsite
Robin Linden - office hours posted onsite
Teeple Linden
Tess Linden
Torley Linden - office hours posted onsite
Vektor Linden
Walker Linden
Zero Linden

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