Sunday, March 11, 2007

Evolution of Dembe's New Business Look

Okay, I know most of you remember what the old Dembe looked like.

See what I mean about the SL clothing, too much skin. She needed better skin, especially if she was going to expose that much, primy hair, business clothing, and an entrance that included particle emitters or something memorable.

We started by giving her a basic makeover.

You see Dembe with Victoria above. She now has primy hair and make-up, but not very professional - more mod. But this is a start and it was FREE. This hair was given to me by Firefly. Yes given, it is copy, transferable hair. There is such a thing is SL. I have it in Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, and Brunette. Read my hair posting on tips for saving money with hair from Firefly.

My avatar is on a very tight budget at this point in time. In needed to make a decision, and fast, on if Dembe is going to upgrade to a premium account in SL. It was on Thursday, March 8th, Dembe upgraded to a Premium account. She made her big decision based on the following reasons:

  • For one year, paid up front it was $72.00 (dollars). That was a savings of $36.00 paying monthly.
  • When Dembe signed up, she got a L1,000 (lindens) to help her get my look and buy educator needed materials.
  • She could own up to 512 meters (square meters) of land with no fees. This would allow her to play and experiment with land settings before going into the classroom. It would also give her a private place to practice her presentations and hold small meetings and office hours.
  • A L300 (Linden) weekly allowance. No more picking off of trees that allowed avatars over 30 days old. :-)
  • The ability to create an alternate avatar for a one time fee of $9.95 (Dollars). This alt came with L250 (Lindens), but I had a promo code to use and that might have been why. So, I created a sister for Dembe, her name is Dalphy Beaumont. You will be meeting her in future blog postings waiting in draft mode to be posted.
Okay - so these where Dembe's main reasons to go premium and made this decision after three months of vassaling with the topic.

Next, you see in the picture above, Victoria and I looking for skins. Well, skins like Victoria's cost about L4000 to L5000 (Lindens). That equals about $15.00 to $19.00 dollars a skin. Now that is a lot of Lindens and Dollars for me. So, I chose to make my own skin. (Yes, Cheap, Clearance, and Frugal are my middle names.) The amount of time it took me to figure it out, it would have probably been easier and cheaper to pay the Lindens. :-) Below is a picture of my newly created skin on Dembe.

Next, I needed to get hair. Well, most hair is about 250L to 500L depending on where you go. Firefly showed me how to get hair FREE for my NEW alt avatar and only 100L for Dembe. Does that woman no how to shop or what! Above is my new 100L hair. But I still have not got the business look I am looking for. We need to continue the quest.

Finally, the 1L (Yes, one Linden Skin) Dalphy will debut this look in a later blog and you decide for yourself if it is worth it. Dembe is keeping her skin after all the time that was spent on it!

Finally, Dembe needed business clothing for presentations and educational events. When I started looking at suits for women, which are hard to find, they ranged from 500L to about 1,500L. This translates into about $2 to $6 dollars in cost. This was getting to be a lot of moo la. So, I began my quest to find a designer that offered cheaper suits for women. Very hard to find in SL. On a side note, if you are looking for an area to get into in SL and clothing designs, a good business attire designer is in desperate need. :-)

Okay, we are almost there, above you see Dembe in a 100L suit, 1L Gucci bling purse, and 100L up-do hair called Catherine. Can Dembe make a 300L a week stipend last or what. :-) Oh, the hot pink star sun glasses where FREE from the Northern Illinois University campus - the Gilden Campus. They had them in the free student clothing boxes. They came in pink and blue.

I will be posting on the blog a few great economical places to buy women's suits that offer great service as well - even alterations on your avatars clothing free! Dembe gets better service for her suits in SL than I do in RL. Below is the complete professional and new Dembe.

The above suit is called Feral. It was 200L for the suit, blouse, shoes, and business walk. If you like Dembe's Suits, check out Dembe's section of suggestions and recommendations for buying economical business attire. Dembe spent hours/days of research in this area and is happy and willing to share her information and SLurls with all that inquire for men and women's clothing.

Above is the complete Dembe. Now all she needs is an entrance. It is recommended that presenters in SL use a grand entrance and exit. Should Dembe use an animation, like landing with a cape and a twirl, particle emitters, or poofer shoes. Plus, how will she exit? These are important details and very big decisions.

Dembe decided to enter in a storm of bubbles when she teleports in. As, you can see in the picture above she is surrounded by a storm of bubbles as she floats in - these bubbles quickly disappear to her professional business presence. She decided on the bubbles since they work in all locations. The particle emitters and poof shoes go off on entrance and exit (particle emitters can also be accelerated by "/channel number and poof" when desired), but in some locations do not work. The bubbles always work. Her exit is just as grand, if she flys away she has an animation that does a twirl and lifts off in a graceful ballet jump. If she TP's she leaves with her bubbles. If she has to walk, so goes to her BMW and drives off. :-)

Regards till my next posting,


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