Monday, March 12, 2007

Hair and the Professional Avatar




So much hair and so little time to find it! Plus, most avatars are on a weekly budget and do not want to spend their entire weekly allowance from SL for hair. Well there are a few places to get FREE hair in SL. Yes, FREE hair in SL.

Gurl offers free hair to new avatars that are less than 4 weeks old. It is through a voucher. A notecard must be completed and saved in your inventory that gives the current date, your avatar birthdate, your hair choice and color and your avatars name. The Voucher (notecard) needs to be returned to Six Kennedy ASAP. This is done by opening your inventory. Opening Six Kennedy's profile and then drag and drop the note card into Kennedy's profile. It takes about 24 hours for Six Kennedy to respond. Upon recieving the hair, you will have to open and unpack it.

Calla is another shop that offers free hair and is located at This store offers free new avatar prim hair for men and women. Any age avatar can get this FREE hair. Men have only one style of free hair in four colors at this shop. However, women can get four styles of hair each in blonde, black, brunette, and red. Above, you see Dembe modeling three of the women's hair styles in Blonde.

Happy hair hunting!
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