Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scuba Diving in SL?

Another very interesting experience in SL has been occurring over the weekends in SL. When Dembe is not exploring educational areas during the week, on the weekend she has fun in SL. Dembe has found that she loves scuba in SL. Each location brings a new adventure.

Above Dembe and KM went Scuba diving. The above local was not that great. However, there are many great locations in SL to scuba dive that we have found over the past couple of weekends.

For a person with asthma in RL that could never, ever scuba dive, this was a very fun experience.

Dembe and KM highly recommend trying scuba in SL. It was very fun and a lot of great places inworld exist for this activity. The above pictures where taken by KM and I would like to thank him for sharing them with me.

Some great scuba places we would like to suggest in SL for Scuba:

Hukilau Village located at This local gives away free scuba gear in your choice of colors: green, yellow, black, pink and blue. It includes a dive meter that shows depth of your dive. However, this gear only works on this sim. It disappears when you go to another sim and try and use it. The dive itself includes beautiful fish, sharks and underwater scenery. This is a must go scuba location.

Platonic Paradise Republic located at This local had some beautiful scenery for scuba. This is a must see location to explore. I could not locate any scuba gear here on this sim. You will have to buy gear to use in this area. Scuba gear seems to run from 150L to 250L depending on wear you purchase it in SL.

Please add some SLurls for great places to scuba in SL for others to try if you know of any.

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